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Monday, July 13, 2020

DIY Paracord Bracelets

Learn how to make your own two-colored paracord bracelets!

DIY Paracord Bracelets

Last summer we took on the Percy Jackson Challenge, and my daughter has been obsessed with Greek mythology ever since. She has read The Trials of Apollo series from Rick Riordan multiple times, and is SO excited for the release of book #5 coming this October!

With so many summer camps cancelled this year, young readers can still go to camp - at Camp Half-Blood! We did all kinds of fun activities at our at-home camp, like reading books and making paracord bracelets to represent Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter from The Trials of Apollo series!

Reading Trials of Apollo by Tree

Rick Riordan, dubbed “storyteller of the gods” by Publishers Weekly, is the author of five #1 New York Times best-selling middle grade series with millions of copies sold throughout the world including Percy Jackson and the OlympiansThe Heroes of Olympus, and The Trials of Apollo, based on Greek and Roman mythology.

The Trials of Apollo is an exciting, hilarious, and poignant series about Apollo, an arrogant god turned hapless human, who must restore five ancient Oracles and battle a triumvirate of evil Roman emperors in order to regain his place in Mount Olympus.

Book 1: The Hidden Oracle
Book 2: The Dark Prophecy
Book 3: The Burning Maze
Book 4: The Tyrant’s Tomb
Book 5: The Tower of Nero

Paracord Bracelet Supplies

To make your own "Cobra Paracord Bracelets, you'll need these supplies:

Fused Paracord

Step 1: The amount of paracord you'll need depends on the size you want your bracelet to be. I've found that one foot of cord for every inch of bracelet has worked great. Measure your wrist for the bracelet length + 1 inch, and then cut a length of both cord colors from that measurement. For example, this bracelet is going to be 7" long, so we cut 7' each of purple and yellow cord. You will have extra, but it's always good to have more cord to work with rather than running out!!

Step 2: Fuse the ends of the cords together to make one long length of cord*. There's two ways I do this:
     1. Use the lighter melt the two ends of cord and squish the ends together. Hold in place until it cools down.
     2.  (See image above) Cut away some of the inner strings of one cord's unfinished end. Place the melted end of the other cord inside the unfinished cord. Use the lighter to carefully melt the edges of the unfinished cord and use pliers or the side of your lighter to press the melted ends to the "seam".

*Please let an adult assist with this step to prevent burns.

Buckle on Paracord Jig

Step 3: If using a paracord jig, attach your buckles onto each end. If you aren't using a jig, no problem! You will possibly need to anchor the buckle end you are tying from with tape or have someone hold it for you to keep it from slipping.

Paracord Looped through Buckle

Step 4: Fold the cord 1"-1 1/2" away from the fused area. Bring the loop up through one of the buckles.

Knotted paracord through buckle

Step 5: Bring the ends up through the loop, and pull them through to make a knot on the buckle.

Paracord Ends through Buckle

Step 6: Bring the loose ends up through the opposite buckle. Make sure the cords aren't twisted!

Paracord Bracelet Step 1

Step 7: Lay the bracelet down vertically with each color laid out on each side. The color on the left-hand side (yellow) is going to be the "inside" of the bracelet pattern. If you want to switch the colors around, NOW is the time. You just need to undo the cord and turn it over.

Step 8: Fold the yellow cord over the center cords, making a "4".

Paracord Bracelet Step 2

Step 9: Fold the purple cord over the end of the yellow cord, and then fold it under both cords in the center. Bring the end of the purple cord up and through the yellow cord loop.

Paracord Bracelet Step 3

Step 10: Pull both ends tight to finish the first knot!

Paracord Bracelet Step 4

Step 11: Fold the purple cord into a "4" (or in this image, a "9"), and bring the end underneath the cords in the center.

Paracord Bracelet Step 5

Step 12: Fold the yellow cord under the end of the purple cord, and then fold it over both cords in the center. Bring the end of the yellow cord under and through the purple cord loop.

Paracord Bracelet Step 6

Step 13: Pull both ends tight to finish the second knot!

Paracord Bracelet in Progress

Step 14: Repeat steps 7-13 the length of the bracelet. Squish the weave together every now and then to keep the bracelet pattern tight and even.

Trimmed End of Paracord

Step 15: When you get to the end of the bracelet (no more room for knots), cut the cords about 1/8"-1/4" long.

Melted End of Paracord

Step 16: Melt the ends of the cords to keep them from fraying. While the cord is still hot, use the plastic part of the lighter to press the melted cord down*. This will keep it in place so your bracelet doesn't come undone, plus it smooths the melted edges. You don't want any sharp edges poking your arm!!

*Please let an adult assist with this step to prevent burns.

Paracord Bracelets with Trials of Apollo Book Set

Aren't these Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood Paracord Bracelets so fun?! Kids, teens, and adults alike will have fun making paracord bracelets in all kinds of color combinations. You can even make paracord projects in different sizes, like dog collars or keychains!

Trials of Apollo Books with Camp Halfblood Paracord Bracelet

Even though our summer plans have changed, we have had a lot of fun reading The Trials of Apollo together and having our own at-home summer camp. Looking forward to even more fun this October when Book 5: The Tower of Nero is released!

The Trials of Apollo Giveaway Prize Pack

Have you read The Trials of Apollo series?

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DIY 2-Color Cobra Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

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