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Thursday, May 4, 2023

DIY Paracord Keychains

DIY Paracord Keychains are a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages to make!

DIY Paracord Keychains

Keychains made of paracord are a fun and simple project that only takes about 5 minutes. This is a great activity to do during summer camps or rainy afternoons that will keep kids of all ages busy. The keychains are also a fantastic way to use up paracord scraps left over from other paracord projects. Once you get the hang of making your own colorful paracord keychains, you can share your creations as gifts or even start your own little business and sell them to everyone you know!

DIY Paracord Keychains

To make your own DIY Paracord Keychains, you will need these supplies:

DIY Paracord Keychains

Cut a length of paracord measuring 60 inches (5 feet) long. Thread the paracord through the keyring until it is halfway through. If this is your first time making a paracord keychain, I would recommend taping the keyring down on your workspace.

With the keyring at the bottom, lay the paracord ends up above it on your workspace. Measure up from the keyring about 4 inches. This is where we'll tie the first knot:
  1. Fold the cord on the left into a "4", and bring the cord over the top of the right cord.
  2. Fold the cord on the right the opposite way, but bring the cord under the left cord and up through the loop.
  3. Make sure the left cord end is going down through the loop of the right cord.
  4. Pull the ends to tighten the knot, but use your thumbs to keep the knot in place at the 4" mark.

Next, you will tie knots down the bracelet until you get to the keyring. These knots are similar to the first knot, but you will go over/under both cords in the center instead.
  1. Fold the cord on the right over the top of the two center cords.
  2. Bring the cord on the left over the end of the right cord.
  3. Fold the left cord under the center cords. Bring the end up through the loop on the right.
  4. Pull the ends of the cord to tighten the knot.

The next knot goes the opposite way:
  1. Fold the cord on the left over the top of the two center cords.
  2. Bring the cord on the right over the end of the left cord.
  3. Fold the right cord under the center cords. Bring the end up through the loop on the left.
  4. Pull the ends of the cord to tighten the knot.

DIY Paracord Keychains

Repeat those alternating knots until you get to the keyring. Pull the last knot tight, and then cut the ends about 1/4 inch long with sharp scissors.

DIY Paracord Keychains

Use a lighter to melt the ends of the cords to keep them from fraying. While the cord is still hot, use the plastic part of the lighter or the flat side of your scissors to press the melted cord down*. The melted edges of the cord will stick to the cords next to it, which helps to keep your keychain from unraveling.

*Please let an adult assist with this step to prevent burns.

Once this step is complete, the freshly made keychain is ready for use!

DIY Paracord Keychains

If you want to get a little more creative, you can use two different colors or patterns of paracord! Cut each length of cord 30 inches (2.5 feet) long. Fuse the ends of the cords together to make one long length of cord.

There are two different ways that you can do this:
  1. Use the lighter to melt the two ends of cord and squish the ends together (as seen above). Hold in place until it cools down.
  2. Cut away some of the inner strings of one cord's unfinished end. Place the melted end of the other cord inside the unfinished cord. Use the lighter to carefully melt the edges of the unfinished cord and use pliers or the side of your lighter to press the melted ends to the "seam".

Once the cords are fused into one long length, follow the directions above to assemble your keychain. However, to hide the melted seam of the cords, bring that area down a little bit from the keyring so that the area will be hidden by knots.

DIY Paracord Keychains

I love how easy these keychains are to make! You can customize the colors of them by combining different colors, patterns, and even thickness of paracord to make them all your own. If you want to adjust the length of the keychains, just change the length in the instructions from the 4" mark.

DIY Paracord Keychains

This is such a great project for kids of all ages to do, and is easy for paracord crafting beginners! These keychains can be attached to all kinds of things, like backpacks, purses, zipper pulls on coats, or even as a fun and colorful attachment to your luggage. My daughter is having so much fun making keychains, and I hope you and your kids enjoy making some, too! 

As always, I love to see your version of these projects! Please share your creations on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest #AFMCrafts

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DIY Paracord Keychains

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