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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Team Creative Crafts Link Party #92

Team Creative Crafts Link Party

We have been having a blast together at our latest Team Creative Crafts Craft-A-Thon and it's been so fun to get inspiration from each other. What makes this week even better is that we get to share features from the linky party that also inspire us! I'm so excited to see what you're working on this week! 

Stamped Shrink Charm Bracelet

Make an adorable Charm Bracelet using stamps and shrink film!

Stamped Shrink Charm Bracelet

I love making my own jewelry, especially bracelets. This charm bracelet was such a fun one to make, because it was made using stamps! I know it's hard to believe, but it's true - and it was such a cool experiment to try. This would be a fun craft to do with the kids, and the charm bracelet makes a fantastic gift idea for practically anyone. I've been so excited to share this project with you, and would love to hear what you think!
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Stenciled "Sip Sip Hooray" Sign

Brighten up your drink station this summer with a stenciled "Sip Sip Hooray" Sign!

Stenciled "Sip Sip Hooray" Sign with Ikonart

Did you know that cut files can be used with more than a Cricut machine? It's true! This "Sip Sip Hooray" sign was made using a stencil, but the design was originally a cut file. It was so easy to make this sign using the Ikonart kit, and I love how it turned out. It will look fantastic in a kitchen near a drink station, or would be a fun piece of party decor displayed with ice-cold drinks on a hot summer day!  

New to making reusable stencils? Here's how to Get Started with Ikonart!
Monday, May 16, 2022

Scentos Marker Gift Cake for Teachers

Make a Scentos Marker Gift Cake for your favorite teacher or artsy kid!

Scentos Marker Gift Cake for Teachers

Looking for a creative and colorful gift idea? Why not gather a bunch of Scentos supplies and arrange them into a giant "cake"?! This is a fun gift for kids who would love a collection of scented markers, pens, and other supplies. Another great option is to give it to a teacher to use in the classroom! If you want to share a Marker Gift Cake with your favorite teacher, I have made a free printable card to attach to it as a way to say "thanks" for all that they do!