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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

Stay warm this winter by wrapping up in a handmade Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt!

Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

Winter is the best time for cuddling, and this Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt is the perfect blanket to cuddle in! This is my first larger quilt using Cuddle fabric and batting, and I am so excited about how it turned out. If you want to give a cuddle quilt a try, this one is simple and can be made at any size. This would also be a great gift to make for friends, neighbors, and loved ones! 

Cozy Cabin Cuddle Pillow

I recently made this Cozy Cabin Cuddle Pillow using the same cuddle fabric, and have been so excited to finally finish the matching quilt to go with it! If you're looking to try a simple pillow cover, this one is a lot of fun.

Shannon Fabrics Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

To make this Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt, I used these supplies:

A few notes:
* This tutorial can be used to make any size quilt! I would personally recommend making a smaller cuddle blanket or throw first before tackling a larger quilt.

* The amount of fabric you'll need depends on the size you want your quilt to be. I used about 2 yards of each fabric to make this larger cuddle quilt.

I am thrilled to partner with Shannon Fabrics for this project, and their self-binding blanket tutorial was so incredibly helpful:

Fairfield World Toasty Cotton Quilt Batting

You will also need some low-loft batting for your quilt. Low-loft means it is a thinner batting that will give the quilt some extra stability and warmth without the bulk. I used Toasty Cotton Batting for my quilt, but Poly-Fil Low-Loft Batting is another great option.

Shannon Fabrics Luxe Cuddle Oxford Scarlet

Lay your back piece of fabric (Luxe Cuddle Oxford) out on a cutting mat. Decide how big you want your quilt to be, and then add the size of the border. Cut the fabric to that measurement using a rotary cutter and quilting ruler.

For my quilt I wanted a two inch border all the way around, making my cut 60" x 72" total. When making a larger quilt, you will be handling a lot of fabric. Work slowly and carefully!

Cuddle Fabric and Rotary Tool

Once the back piece is cut out, fold it up and set it aside. Next, lay your front fabric (Cabin Quilt Cuddle Fabric) out on the cutting mat. Cut this piece to be the size of your finished quilt minus one inch. For my quilt, I cut this front piece to measure 55" x 67".

Cuddle Quilt Front and Batting

If you are making a smaller quilt, you may be able to skip this step. I was having a hard time working with the two inner layers, so I found this step extremely helpful.

Line the batting up on the backside of the front fabric at the top and pin it into place. Cuddle fabric is slippery and likes to shift, so I'd recommend using as many pins or clips as possible. Baste the batting all the way around to keep the pieces together. Trim off the excess batting.

Ideally, your batting will be one piece that is larger than your fabric. I used two pieces of crib-sized batting because that's what I had on-hand. It's not a big deal, it just adds an extra step: hand-baste the two pieces of batting together to make it one large piece. Not too bad, right?

Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

Lay the back fabric face-down. Use a quilting ruler and a marker to mark the border lines at each corner. Using those lines as guides, mark the corner at 45º crossing the lines.

Fold the corner with the right sides of the fabric together, making sure that the 45º line meet up at the edge. Pin well, and then stitch along the 45º line only. Repeat for all four corners. Turn the corners in, and make sure that they look right before cutting off the excess corner fabric.

Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

Lay the back fabric flat, face-down, and fold the corners in so that the borders pop toward the front. Center the front fabric down on the back fabric, and pin the border into place all the way around. It's extremely helpful to use your ruler for this step to keep it all even. Again, be sure to use a lot of pins to keep the slippery fabrics in place.

Use a zig-zag stitch to sew along the entire raw edge where the border meets the front fabric. The nice thing about a fluffy Luxe Cuddle fabric is that your stitches end up being hidden!

Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

To give the blanket a more quilted look, I sewed a straight stitch along all of the squares of the Cabin Quilt Cuddle Fabric. Not only does it make it look quilted, but it holds all three layers together in the center of the blanket.

It really helped for me to pin through all the layers of each square to keep the fabric in place when sewing the quilting lines. I placed all of the square pins at the same time I pinned the border in place.

Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

Once the lines are all sewn and extra threads have been clipped, the Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt is complete! I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out, and am honestly proud of myself for making my first larger quilt. 

Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

This Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt is perfect for cuddling in this cold winter weather, and I love how incredibly soft it is! I also love how the blanket and pillow look paired together on my couch. They make such cute, rustic, cabin-y decor. I can also attest that this quilt is family-approved: whenever I'm not wrapped up in it, my daughter and/or my dogs are trying to steal it from me.

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Cozy Cabin Cuddle Quilt

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