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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Creative Christmas Crafternoon Project Ideas

Have a festive crafternoon with friends making these creative Christmas project ideas! 

Creative Christmas Crafternoon Ideas

Crafting is always fun, but crafting with friends is even better! At the beginning of December, Team Creative Crafts (myself, Laura of Me and My INKlings, and Beth of Creatively Beth) hosted a Craft-A-Thon and had the best time! It was a full week of hard work, many laughs, and a whole lot of crafty memories. We partnered with ten fabulous companies to share creative Christmas project ideas that will hopefully inspire you to have a holiday "crafternoon" with your own group of friends!

We are Team Creative Crafts

Before I get to the Christmas crafts, I wanted to introduce our team. I feel so lucky to be a part of Team Creative Crafts (TCC) with these incredible women who are also my craftiest and sweetest friends. Not only do we craft together, but we travel, brainstorm, support each other (personally and professionally), and come up with new ways to share more kindness, creativity, and inspiration!

Team Creative Crafts

Laura of Me and My INKlings is one of the kindest and most creative people I know. She is incredibly talented with her own line with ThermOWeb, and she just wrote a book: Kindness on Purpose. She also makes and sells the cutest stickers, notepads, and cards in her online shop!

Beth of Creatively Beth is a crafting genius! I am always impressed with her creative doodling, hand-lettering, kids crafts, and free hand-drawn printable files!

I'm Lindsay of Artsy-Fartsy Mama! I love creating with resin, paint, polymer clay, and so much more. I also love sharing all kinds of free printables and SVG files.

Creative Christmas Crafternoon Project Ideas


Felt Gingerbread Houses with Anchor Embroidery Floss

Christmas Crafternoon Anchor Floss Spools

One of the first projects we started for the craft-a-thon were these Felt Gingerbread Houses! I love embroidery, so this was an especially fun project for me personally. What made this project even better was the Anchor embroidery floss, because it comes on spools! I have never seen that before, and I was so impressed with the quality and never getting my thread tangled throughout the entire project. We each made our own patterns for our Felt Gingerbread House Ornaments, and I love how each one turned out so different!

Upcycled Gift Tags with E6000 Extreme Tack

Christmas Crafternoon E6000 Extreme Tack

Recycling is always a great idea, and even better when you can make something awesome to share with someone else. These Upcycled Gift Tags were made using E6000 Extreme Tack, which is a lot of fun to use and makes it so easy to create really awesome projects with all kinds of materials.

Sprinkled Ornaments with Beacon Gem-Tac

Christmas Crafternoon Beacon Gem-Tac

These sprinkled ornaments were made using Gem-Tac, an adhesive that makes adding gems, beads, and even faux sprinkles to any object easier than ever! These ornaments were so fun to make together, and I love how they all turned out. My Gingerbread Bling Ornament was so easy, and I can't wait to make more!

Christmas Paper Crafts with Therm-O-Web

Christmas Crafternoon Therm-O-Web

We always love coming up with new ways to use Laura's Therm-O-Web line, so of course we had to incorporate it into our Craft-A-Thon! There are so many things you can make with Therm-O-Web foils, papers, and Laura's stamps, which made it a lot of fun to create all of these Christmas Paper Crafts!

Party Poppers with Unicorn SPiT

Christmas Crafternoon Unicorn Spit

Unicorn SPiT Stain is such a versatile craft supply. You can use it on just about any surface to add a pop of color to your project. We decided to see how it would work on paper to create these Paper Party Poppers, and it turned out even better than expected!

Felt Gingerbread Banners with Kunin Felt

Christmas Crafternoon Kunin Felt

For this Craft-A-Thon project, we all created different, but equally adorable Gingerbread Banners/Flags using Kunin felt. These would be sweet holiday decorations, but would also look SO cute to embellish a gingerbread-themed gift! Be sure to check out Beth's Gingerbread Banner tutorial for all of the details. To add some treats to the gift, Laura also shared her easy gingerbread cookie recipe!

Miniature Rainbow Village with ColorShot

Christmas Crafternoon ColorShot

Spray painting is always fun, and we had a great time transforming miniature wooden houses and tiny brush trees into an entire rainbow village! The ColorShot spray paint is vibrant, and comes in so many colors. Be sure to visit Laura for the full Miniature Rainbow Village tutorial!

Christmas String Crafts with Hemptique

Christmas Crafternoon with Hemptique

There are so many ways to craft with Hemptique hemp cord, and we put that to the test with these creative Christmas string crafts! Beth showed off her gift wrapping skills using string, Laura made the cutest little car + tree ornaments, and I created some Christmas String Art! These crafts were all so fun to make while chatting about future TCC travel plans and sipping hot cocoa. 

Resin Christmas Crafts with ETI

Christmas Crafternoon with ETI Fast Cast Resin

We all know resin is one of my favorite ways to craft, so I introduced the team to Fast Cast resin from ETI. It's the perfect resin to use for a crafternoon because it's easy to use, it cures quickly, and there is so much you can make with it. We poured the resin into the same molds, and then used the pieces to create all kinds of projects, including Easy Resin Christmas Clips and Easy Resin Christmas Ornaments! I loved how the cured white pieces looked paired with a scrappy bow on top of a gift!!

5-Minute Snow Globe Ornaments with Fairfield World

Christmas Crafternoon with Fairfield World

This project using Glasslets was probably one of the easiest crafts we did during the craft-a-thon, but was snow much fun! There are so many ways to use these itty bitty glass microbeads, and 5-Minute Snow Globe Ornaments are a fun craft to make together with friends!

Team Creative Crafts

The Team Creative Crafts Christmas Craft-A-Thon was such an exciting way to end 2021. We have had such a great first year together as a team, and have grown so much already! I can't wait to see what surprises are in store for us in 2022. Here are some ways we have collaborated:


Each week, Team Creative Crafts hosts a Linky Party on each of our blogs. This creates a supportive space for other bloggers to come and share their latest creations and to connect with other creative bloggers. After each week's party, we choose a few of our favorites from the submissions and feature them the following week in the next party. We love supporting the blogging community, and this is a great platform to help spread their creativity.


Each month, we sponsor a themed collaboration with a minimum of 12 other bloggers. This is a fun way for all of us to get to know other bloggers in the community, and have the opportunity to create uniquely themed content to be shared with a larger audience. Having an entire post chock-full of creative ideas based on a theme is definitely something readers love when they are looking for creative ideas based on a theme for a holiday, celebration, or season.


Several times a year, we get together to hold Craft-A-Thons! This gives us the opportunity to connect in person to get creative, and share stories with lots of laughter mixed in. The craft-a-thon starts by choosing our favorite companies that we work with to feature a product of their choice to craft with. Once we meet in person, we work hard on crafting with the products, make free time to have fun, and team up to mastermind and brainstorm on blog posts. We are spread across the country, so these days together in person are truly special.

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