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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Paper Party Poppers + Free Printable Template

These Paper Party Poppers (with Free Printable Template) are a simple and colorful gift idea!

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

Party popper boxes are such a fun way to package treats and goodies. Even though these boxes don't literally "pop", they are absolutely popping with color thanks to Unicorn Spit! These Paper Party Poppers are such a simple and fun craft to make - especially with kids. I'm also sharing a free printable template (and cut file) so that you can easily make your own set of paper party poppers in no time!

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

To make your own set of Paper Party Poppers, you will need these supplies:

This is the first time that I have used Unicorn Spit, and it is just as magical as it sounds! It comes in 10 vibrant colors, and can be used on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, wicker, concrete, laminate and more!! You can pour it straight out of the bottle to use as a paint, or dilute it with water to create a glaze, stain, white wash, or antiquing tint on all kinds of projects. 

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

Add one color of Unicorn Spit Sparkling Gel Stain and an equal amount of hot water in a clean spray bottle. Shake the bottle well until the water and stain have combined. You can mix as many bottles of color as you'd like!

This is a messy project, so protect your workspace or do this step outside. Place multiple pieces of 11x17 cardstock down, and spray away! Add color to all of the pieces of paper, letting it splatter naturally. Once everything has been sprayed to your liking, leave the paper to dry. Depending on how wet the paper is, drying could take at least an hour.

Once dry, the color on the papers will be vibrant and the patterns created from the spray look really cool. If you use the Sparkling Unicorn Spit, your papers will also be glittery (my personal favorite)!!

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

Upload* the Party Popper SVG (personal use only) into Cricut Design Space and adjust the size to fit the paper. Be sure to change the dashed lines in the cut file from cut lines to score lines!

Place the paper face-up on a cutting mat and cut the poppers out using a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine. Make sure you are using a Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheels to mark all of the score lines to make folding the poppers easier.

*Here's a great tutorial on how to upload your own images into Cricut Design Space.

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

Peel the poppers away from the mat, and lay them flat on your workspace. Fold along all of the score lines, and add some adhesive to the three tabs.

**If you don't have a cutting machine, don't worry!! Another option is to print multiple copies of the Party Popper PDF Template (personal use only) onto cardstock, and then spray these papers instead. Once the pages are dry, you can hand-cut the templates out.

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

Wrap the popper around to create a tube. Place the tabs underneath the opposite edge and press the paper together well so that the adhesive sticks well. Crease the folds well to help the popper keep its form.

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

Tie one end of the popper closed with decorative ribbon. I love how this black and white polka dot ribbon makes the Unicorn Spit colors really pop!

Fill the party popper with all kinds of candy, toys, and other goodies. If you are using the party poppers as a party favor, you can fill it to the brim to fit the theme of your party!

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

Tie the other end of the popper closed with the same decorative ribbon to keep all of the goodies inside the popper. Repeat the process for all of your remaining poppers.

Paper Party Poppers with Unicorn Spit

These poppers are such a simple way to package a gift to share with co-workers, friends, and party guests! You could even pair these poppers with Sprinkle Kindness Lunch Notes to use as tags and share the poppers with strangers as a sweet random act of kindness.

Unicorn Spit Crafts

I had so much fun using Unicorn Spit to create these Paper Party Poppers, and can't wait to see what else I can create with it! I've been getting inspired by my Team Creative Crafts cohorts, Creatively Beth and Me & My Inklings for more Unicorn Spit project ideas. I am loving this gorgeous Rainbow Bowl that Beth made and am amazed at Laura's Wood Slice Rainbow!

As always, I would love to your projects in action! Share your creations on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest!

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Paper Party Poppers with Free Template

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