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Friday, July 23, 2021

Welcome Back, Lalaloopsy!

We are SEW excited to LALABRATE the return of Lalaloopsy Dolls!!

Lalaloopsy Jewel Trinket Sparkles

Do you remember Lalaloopsy Dolls? My daughter absolutely loved them growing up, and had quite the collection. They haven't been around for a while, but guess what? They're back and we couldn't be more excited!! I'm thrilled to be giving you a sneak peek of the new Lalaloopsy dolls before they hit the stores, and to share the Lalaloopsy magic with moms who may not have heard about them yet! 

The story of Lalaloopsy dolls is that they were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn. Cute and wholesome, Lalaloopsy offers a whimsical world of characters with unique personalities drawn from the fabric used to sew them, which inspires kids to develop their own creativity and imagination.


To say my daughter was obsessed with Lalaloopsy dolls when she was younger is an understatement. This colorful collection of Lalaloopsy dolls represents years of creative play, hours of imaginative fun, and the excitement when a new character was added to the collection.

Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles Trinket Sparkles

The last time a Lalaloopsy doll was released was in 2018, so needless to say, my daughter has been so excited and is feeling nostalgic with the news that they are coming back! 

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Day

Not only did we have lots of Lalaloopsy fun at home, but we also shared some Lalaloopsy fun here at Artsy-Fartsy Mama! One of our favorite memories was creating matching girl + doll looks for a Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls!

Lalaloopsy Stretch

The Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Doll was such a cool and unique doll! The squishy hair stretches up to 3 times longer, and you can style it in all kinds of quirky hairstyles. We have had so much fun with this doll and spent hours giving her all kinds of creative looks!

DIY Lalaloopsy Jewelry at

Our most creative project was this adorable set of Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewelry using the tiniest of Lalaloopsy dolls! When paired with coordinating chunky beads, kids can make the most unique and adorable jewelry with their favorite Lalaloopsy characters.

Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles Trinket Sparkles

Due to fan demands to #bringbacklalaloopsy, we are SEW excited to LALABRATE the return of Lalaloopsy! Our favorite Lalaloopsy characters, along with some new friends, are back for a whole new generation of children to love! A total of 25 characters will be available at major retailers this August.


Each package comes with an envelope with information about your Lalaloopsy doll, instructions on safely releasing the doll and pet, a checklist of all 25 Lalaloopsy characters to collect. The larger doll also came with some extra pieces to attach to the packaging!

Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles #welcomebacklalaloopsy

The new Lalaloopsy doll boxes transform into a reusable house playset that coordinates with the personality of the doll inside. Follow the instructions to attach the extra pieces from the envelope to the outside of house to decorate. I love the fancy pet entrance on the right!

Lalaloopsy Trinket Sparkles #welcomebacklalaloopsy

I love that the boxes are totally reusable to play with (almost ZERO waste), and that the fence on the front of each package opens so that you can connect it to other Lalaloopsy doll packages to create an entire Lalaloopsy Land!!

Since Lalaloopsy dolls were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn, it's only fitting that there is a small (paper) needle with string attached on the back of the box and (lightly) threaded through the doll's dress. After you unwind the thread on the back of the box, gently pull the needle (and thread) and it will pull the thread from the dress for that "last stitch"!

Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles Trinket Sparkles

All 25 Lalaloopsy character dolls will be available at Walmart, Amazon, Target, and other toy retailers in August. Another fun Lalaloopsy surprise is that you can also find NEW Lalaloopsy music videos, shorts, series, and movies on Netflix and Youtube!

How to Watch:

YouTube: Sing along with this adorable “Lalaloopsy Girls” video, and catch new episodes of “We’re Lalaloopsy” animated shorts (3 minute versions of the Netflix episodes) every Friday at 1PM PT. On July 24th, you can watch the new original show “Lalaloopsy: Let’s Create”!

Netflix: Original Series “We’re Lalaloopsy

Amazon Prime and “Lalaloopsy: Band Together” Movie

Who is your favorite Lalaloopsy character?

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