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Friday, February 20, 2015

Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls

This post is sponsored by Lalaloopsy Girls. All opinions are my own.

Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls at #CrazyHairDay

My daughter loves everything Lalaloopsy lately (especially Lalaloopsy Girls), and playing dress-up. Combine the two, and we've got a crazy hair day with Lalaloopsy!

Lalaloopsy Girls is doing an Instagram giveaway on March 6th, and we're so excited to join in! You can enter the giveaway by sharing a photo of you/your child and a Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair doll with both you and your dolls’ hair styled to your liking. Each photo must be tagged with #CrazyHairDay hashtag on Instagram, and you can win a $100 Target gift card!!

**Check out the full giveaway details at the end of the post.

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Dolls at #CrazyHairDay

We've been playing with the new Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair dolls, and absolutely love them!! There are four dolls in the collection: Cinder Slippers, Confetti Carnivale, Jewel Sparkles, and Scoops Waffle Cone. They have have yarn hair, and some pieces are wax-coated, so they are easily moldable to create crazy cute hairstyles!

My daughter loves curling their hair and giving them matching hairstyles. They are the same size as the original Lalaloopsy Girl dolls, so they can all switch shoes, clothes, and hair accessories. You can purchase the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair dolls at Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Amazon.

Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Scoops Waffle Cone Doll at #CrazyHairDay

Each doll comes with an outfit & shoes, 2 hair clips, a curling wand, and a bottle of glitter hair gel to add some sparkle. They also come with 15 extra wax hair strands (5 strands in 3 colors) to add more color and styling options for your doll.

The wax strands are a little tacky, so they are easy to put in the hair. You can twist them at the root of existing hair pieces to make the hair fuller and more colorful, or twist them on lower to create longer hair. You can also create accessories with the wax strands (like a purse, flowers, or hair bows) to add a little more creative fun!

Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls at #CrazyHairDay

Curling the hair is easy! Simply take a wax strand, and wrap the end on the curling wand. Then wrap the hair around the wand (closer together for tighter curls, more spread out for looser curls). Then, gently pull the curling wand out, and you've got the perfect curl!!

Now, I'll show you how we created my daughter's crazy hair style (it's easy, I promise!!) that will be a fun entry idea for the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair giveaway or for a crazy hair day at school!!

Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls at #CrazyHairDay

1. Spray the hair with water, and separate the hair down the middle. Pull the hair into pigtails with an elastic. The last time pulling the hair through the elastic, only pull the hair through halfway so you have a loop.

2. Dampen the ends of the hair, and hold the hair about an inch from the ends. Twist a little if needed. Pull the end up toward the backside of the hair loop to create a second loop. Pull the ends down through the elastic and tuck the ends into the inside of the second/bottom loop. Repeat for the other pigtail.

Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls at #CrazyHairDay

3. Spread out the loops a little, and now you've got two cute little messy buns. They don't have to be perfect - that's why we call them messy buns!

Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls at #CrazyHairDay

4. Now to make the hair a little more crazy! Get out some pipe cleaners (we got ours from Craft Project Ideas). I wrapped a pink piece around the elastic, then curled the ends with the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair curling wand. Then, I just pushed a blue, yellow, and purple pipe cleaner through the bun (in a star/asterisk style) and curled all the ends with the wand. Now there are cute, colorful curls all around the messy bun!

Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls at #CrazyHairDay

We did a similar style with Scoops Waffle Cone by separating the hair down the middle and twisting the hair into two buns. The waxy pieces helped hold all the hair in place, so we didn't need to use an elastic or anything! I left a few waxy pieces out of the bun, then curled them with the curling wand.

Crazy Hair Day with Lalaloopsy Girls at #CrazyHairDay

Now my daughter and Scoops Waffle Cone have matching crazy hair!! We're working on more ideas for the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair #CrazyHairDay giveaway. Can't wait to see what other creations we'll see on Instagram!!

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**To enter the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair #CrazyHairDay giveaway, contestants must share a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #CrazyHairDay on March 6th (12:01 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.) that shows them and their Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair doll with fun styled hair. They'll choose one winner at random to receive a $100 Target gift card on or during the week of March 9th.

See the Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair #CrazyHairDay Giveaway Official Rules for details & terms and conditions.

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  1. So cute! I haven't heard of these dolls before. They look fun. Thanks for the crazy hair idea!

  2. My girls love LaLaLoopsy dolls! They would love to have their hair like this! I think I know what we are doing for the next crazy hair day at school. :)

  3. can't wait to do this with dd's she's obsessing over Lalaloopsy!!! :) Thanks for the chance! Will be sharing via @sweetmatcha! :)

  4. Oh My Gosh......this is soooo cute! I wish my daughter would have let me play with her hair this way!


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