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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

DIY Pokémon Pokeball Pillow

After a long day of catching Pokémon, kick back and relax with a Pokeball Pillow!

DIY Pokémon Pokeball Pillow

My daughter is a HUGE Pokémon fan, and is adamant that we decorate her bedroom in everything Pokémon. She's got a few stuffed animals and decorations already, but I wanted to make her something unique as a fun surprise. This Pokémon Pokeball Pillow was actually a lot of fun to make, and my daughter was SO excited to see it when it was finished. If you know any Pokémon fans, I think this pillow will be a hit! 
Fairfield World 80th Birthday

This year is Fairfield World's 80th birthday! To celebrate, creatives everywhere are making projects using Poly-Fil Fiber Fill. I have loved working with Fairfield World this year to help bring you guys some creative sewing project ideas. If you want to join the party, share your projects with us and be sure to tag @fairfieldworld and use hashtags #fairfield80, #polyfil, #poly-fil, #FFWcelebration!

Minky Fabric Stack

The most important part of the Pokémon Pokeball Pillow is the fabric! I recommend using fabrics that are super soft and cuddly, like fleece or minky. I got lucky and found red, white, and black minky for my pillow on a super sale (love when that happens)!

Both fabrics are perfect for the pillow, but have their pros and cons. Minky can be expensive, so shop around for sales! It can also be a little tougher to sew with, so be patient when working on the pillow. Fleece is a more inexpensive option and is easier to sew with, but isn't quite as soft as minky.

Poly-Fil Fiber Fill

You will also need some stuffing to fill your pillow. I highly recommend Poly-Fil Fiber Fill to make it extra fluffy and huggable! It's washable and perfect for projects like this. I also used some Poly-Fil Batting to line my pillow (optional) to make the seams smoother and reduces lumps in the pillow.

Pokeball Pillow Fabric Cutting

The Pokeball Pillow Pattern is great for beginners and includes easy-to-follow instructions. Print, cut, and assemble the pattern pieces. Lay the fabric out on your cutting mat and cut the pieces out with a rotary cutter or scissors.

Pokeball Pillow with Heat n Bond

After sewing the two sides of the pillow, you need to place the center button to the Pokeball. Instead of just pinning and sewing it on, I find it helpful to use some fusible web adhesive to keep it in place first. It's simple to use, and will save you such a headache!

Pokeball Pillow with Poly-Fil Batting

When you sew the pillow together, sandwich the pillow pieces inside two circles of Poly-Fil Batting. Cut a small slit in the center of one side so you can turn the pillow inside out. Get the kids to pack the pillow with Poly-Fil Fiber Fill, and sew the fabric opening closed.

DIY Pokémon Pokeball Pillow

This pillow was SO simple, and only took me a couple of hours to make. My Pokémon-loving daughter was so excited when she saw the finished project, and hasn't let it out of her sight. If you know any Pokémon super-fans, this would be a spectacular gift idea!

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DIY Pokémon Pokeball Pillow

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