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Monday, July 29, 2019

DIY Galaxy Jacket

This DIY Galaxy Jacket is out of this world!

DIY Galaxy Jacket

I am all about this galaxy craze happening right now. So far, I've made some Galaxy Shoes, Galaxy Flower Pots, and even some Galaxy Coasters! My daughter saw a denim jacket with a galaxy on the back, and asked if she could get one for the new school year. It was pretty pricey, so we decided to give the old DIY a try. We had a ton of fun making this DIY Galaxy Jacket, and I think it turned out even better than the one from the store!

Denim Jacket

First, you need a denim jacket. This project is perfect for jackets with stains or are otherwise worn, so my best recommendation is to hit the thrift stores! I found this jacket for only $3. Plus, I was a little scared of paying for an expensive jean jacket brand-new, just to have a craft fail (it happens!). Wash and dry the jean jacket before starting the project.

Fabric Creations Paints

Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Inks are the perfect paints for this project. The paints are great for stamping, stenciling, and brushing on fabrics of all kinds. Once dry, the fade-resistant colors stay feeling soft and are machine washable to last for years!

To create your own galaxy, you'll need Fabric Inks in: Fruit Punch, African Violet, Navy, Aqua, White, and Black. You will also need a large and small spouncer and a thick stencil brush (or a toothbrush).

Denim jacket with Mod Podge Silicone Mat

Lay something down to protect your workspace, like this Mod Podge Silicone Mat. If you do happen to make a spill or a mistake, the paints are water-soluble, which means they are easy to clean up with just soap and water while the paint is still wet.

Painting black paint with spouncer

I am only painting the galaxy on the center panel on the back of the jacket. If you are worried about painting "out of the lines", you can put some masking tape around the area. Pour some black paint into a paint tray. Dip a 1" spouncer into the paint and start dabbing paint onto the jacket starting in one corner.

DIY Galaxy Jacket Black Layer

Keep dabbing on the black paint until the entire area is covered. Let it dry for a few minutes, and add another coat if it looks like it needs more coverage.

DIY Galaxy Jacket Navy Blue Layer

You want the colors to blend into each other instead of having hard edges, so don't worry about cleaning the spouncer. Pour some navy paint into the paint tray, and dab the paint on in small areas to create different "galaxies".

DIY Galaxy Jacket Purple Layer

Next, pour some African Violet paint into the tray. Dab the paint on over the navy areas, but be careful to not cover all of the navy color.

DIY Galaxy Jacket Light Blue Layer

Instead of using white, I used I used Aqua to add some highlights. If the aqua is too bright, you can blend it with some of the violet to tone it down.

DIY Galaxy Jacket Pink Layer

Last, but certainly not least, add some Fruit Punch paint to the tray. Add some pink to areas around the violet and aqua. If it's too bright, you can tone it down by blending it with some violet, navy, or even some black.

Blocking off jacket

This next step is going to get messy, so lay some scrap paper around the painted galaxy area.

Stencil brush with white paint

Pour a little bit of white paint into the tray. Dip a thick stenciling brush or a toothbrush into the paint so that the paint is just on the tip of the brush.

DIY Galaxy Jacket White Splatter Layer

Run your finger across the bristles quickly to splatter paint on the jacket. You'll get splatters in different sizes, which looks just like the stars! Keep in mind that the more paint you have on the brush, the larger the splatters will be. Add as much or as little splatter as you'd like. Remove the scrap papers and let the paint dry for a few minutes.

Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter Paints

This step is totally optional, but looks SUPER cool. Needless to say, I love these Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter paints! The paint is packed with multi-faceted glitter that shines brightly on both light and dark fabrics. It also dries to a soft touch and will not peel or flake!

DIY Galaxy Jacket Glitter Layer

Use a clean 1/4" spouncer and add some Fabric Creations Fantasy Glitter paint over the pink areas or wherever you want a large clump of stars to be. The paint will look white, but it will dry clear so that only the glitter is visible.

DIY Galaxy Jacket Painting Front

We also decided to paint some galaxy on a couple of the panels on the front of the jacket. If you're careful to keep the sleeves out of the way, you can paint the front and back of the jacket at once!

Once you're done painting, let the jacket air dry for 24 hours. To really set the paints and the glitter into the fabric, you need to heat press it. I covered the jacket with a pressing cloth, then used my EasyPress set to 300º and pressed the jacket in all of the painted areas for 30 seconds.

DIY Galaxy Jacket

My daughter is absolutely thrilled with her new jacket, and is kind of excited for summer to be over just so she can finally wear it! This was such a fun project, and I hope I've inspired you to try painting a galaxy on some of your own wardrobe!!

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