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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Must-Have Cricut Explore Tools & Supplies

The Cricut Explore Air 2 machine is my favorite crafting tool, and I really enjoy sharing everything that you can create with it. The most popular question that gets asked after finally getting a Cricut machine of your own is "what tools and accessories do I need, and how much do they cost?" Well, friends, today I'm more than happy to answer that with my must-have list of tools and accessories you'll need to get started.

Must-Have Cricut Explore Tools & Supplies

When it comes to these Cricut supplies, keep in mind that you don't have to get everything all at once. To be honest, the most important thing you really need is a mat. However, having this collection of tools and accessories on hand will only help to make your experience with Cricut a better one.

Cricut is Easy as 123

To make things easier for you, I'm going to link where you can purchase my favorite tools and accessories. The prices listed are regular price, however, you can often find them on sale - so keep that in mind when making your shopping list!

1. Cricut Cutting Mats

Must-Have Cricut Explore Tools & Supplies

Like I mentioned before, the most important supply you really need is a mat. With three different mats specifically designed to work with different weights of materials, you can ensure success in all your projects. The blue LightGrip mat is mainly used for light cardstock and vellum. The green StandardGrip mat is used for materials like cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on vinyl. Last, but not least, is the purple StrongGrip mat, which is meant for thick papers, fabric (with backing) and posterboard.

Your machine will include one green Standard Grip Mat. In my experience, that mat honestly works great for everything. After a ton of creating, my favorite mat has come to be the blue LightGrip mat. Each style of mat comes in both 12x12 and 12x24 size for longer projects.

2. Cricut Tools

Must-Have Cricut Explore Tools & Supplies

This 7-piece Cricut Essential Tool Set comes with every tool you will need for a crafting session and comes in Gold, Mint, Blue and Rose colors to perfectly coordinate with the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine!

The set includes:
• Tweezers - to lift and secure delicate material
• Weeder - to remove tiny negative cuts
• Scissors - with protective blade cover
• Spatula - to lift cuts from the mat
• Scraper - to burnish material and clean all cutting mats
• Scoring Stylus - to add fold lines to cards and envelopes
• High-quality trimmer for materials up to 12″ wide
• Replacement blade for the trimmer
• Scoring blade (for trimmer) allows you to add score lines to your projects

You can also purchase each of the Cricut tools separately or in smaller sets!

Must-Have Cricut Explore Tools & Supplies

The newest tool set to be added to the Cricut tools collection is the Paper Crafting Set!

Perfect for making beautiful paper creations, including card making, scrapbooking, party, home decor, and much more, this 4-piece set includes:
• Piercer - allows accurate placement of fine cuts and embellishments
• Quilling Tool - makes smooth, tight, decorative spirals
• Edge Distresser - creates textured edge effect on paper
• Craft Mat - features multi-use piercing and self-healing surfaces

Must-Have Cricut Explore Tools & Supplies

Cricut Pens aren't a necessity, but they are a lot of fun to use for creating a handwritten look to invitations, banners, cards, gift tags, and more. By placing a Cricut Pen in the adapter, the pens work with the Cricut Explore machine to cut and write or draw in one step!

Must-Have Cricut Explore Tools & Supplies

Pens are acid-free, nontoxic, and permanent after drying. You can get pens in a variety of tip sizes and styles, including glitter gel, marker, and calligraphy. There are also a rainbow of colors to choose from!

If you're just starting out, I would highly recommend the Cricut Variety Black Pen Set, which includes (2) 0.3 tip, (1) 0.8 medium tip, and (2) 0.8 medium calligraphy tip pens.

For those looking to get everything you need to get started, this Cricut Explore Air 2 bundle is a great deal! I will always recommend going with a bundle, if possible, and there are a multiple options for bundling your accessories and tools. If you haven't purchased a machine yet, but are convinced that you need one now, the Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine + EVERYTHING Starter Set to get you started.

Must-Have Cricut Explore Tools & Supplies

The Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Machine + EVERYTHING Starter Set is literally everything you'll ever need for ANY project! It is definitely the way to go for both saving money and getting a ton of tools and accessories at the same time that you get your machine.

Along with the Cricut Explore Air 2, this bundle includes:
• Cricut 12x48 Vinyl Transfer Tape
• 2 Cricut Replacement Blades
• Cricut Basic Trimmer
• Cricut 12x12 Vellum Metallic Sampler
• Cricut Printable Iron On Light, 4 sheets
• Cricut 12x48 Black Window Cling
• Cricut 12x48 White Window Cling
• Cricut Printable Iron On Dark, 4 sheets
• Cricut 8.5x12 Printable Sticker Paper
• Cricut 12x12 Faux Leather, Wood Grain Sampler
• Cricut Poster Board Metallic, 6 sheets
• Cricut 12x48 Light Blue Premium Outdoor Vinyl
• Cricut 12x48 Dry Erase Vinyl 
• Cricut 12x12 Vinyl, Home Sampler
• Cricut Tools Basic Set
• Cricut Metallic Pen Set
• Cricut Gold Multi Pen Set
• Cricut Scoring Stylus Tool
• Cricut Deep Cut Blade with Housing
• Cricut 12x12 Variety 3-pack Cutting Mats

Just another reminder you can often find these items on sale - so keep that in mind when making your shopping list! I also recommend signing up for Cricut Access to save 10% on all product purchases on, including machines, accessories, materials, and more – including sale items! 

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