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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Make a Splash with LEGO® Friends Heartlake Summer Pool

Sponsored by LEGO®, you can get ready to make a splash this summer with the LEGO Friends Heartlake Summer Pool set!

Summer is on its way, and we can't wait to spend some time in the sun! For now though, my daughter is a Lego fanatic and has loved playing with this new LEGO® Friends Heartlake Summer Pool set and pretending that the Lego Friends are having their summer vacation.

This last weekend we were able to attend SNAP! Conference in Salt Lake City. One of our favorite areas was the LEGO room. There were tables piled with loose LEGOs to play with and get our creativity going. After a couple of rounds of quick-building activities, we were taught by a REAL Master Builder how to build our own sturdy cupcake stand! Once we had the base built, it was up to us to make the cupcake stand our own.

Because my daughter practically lives "outside the box", she built a house to top her cupcake stand for her LEGO Friends mini-doll figures to have their own cupcake party in! I just love her creativity, and I love that LEGO helps to encourage it.

If you have seen The Lego Movie, you'll know that the "Master Builders" are the superheroes in the Lego world - being able to take simple bricks and create extraordinary things. With only seven in the United States and 40 worldwide, Paul Chrzan is one of the REAL-LIFE Lego Master Builders! One thing he has built that you may have seen is his work in the basement scene in The Lego Movie. He led a team in building that spectacular cityscape! It was so inspiring to talk to him about his career with LEGO and how he got to be where he is today.

Ever since we saw the movie, my daughter has aspired to be a Lego Master Builder herself. She was starstruck getting the opportunity to meet Paul. Once she told him of her dream of becoming a Master Builder, he got a big smile on his face and told her that they need more women on the team and to keep practicing. It made my mama heart soar to see so much encouragement and support from someone my daughter looks up to.

Some of Paul's best Lego Master Builder tips?
• Interlocking - build with Legos like you would build a house for stronger creations!
• Build, build, build. Keep playing with bricks and build something that no one else has built before.
• Just be imaginative!

This year marks the 5th birthday of LEGO® Friends! In 2012, a dynamic shift in building options began. It affected playtime for millions of girls and Lego fans. Lego Friends inspired a whole new world of imagination of building and better independent play. 

In honor of this special year for Lego Friends, Paul built this stunning layered birthday cake built entirely of Legos, topped with a Lego #5 and a banner!! While this cake may look like it is a built solid, it is really hollow on the inside. Almost every brick you see on the inside, you can usually see on the outside. Such an awesome Master Builder trick, right?!

While in the Lego room, we saw this LEGO® Friends Heartlake Summer Pool set on display and my daughter just fell in love with it. We were thrilled when Lego offered to send it to us to review and share with all of you before summer hits!

Recommended for ages 6-12, this 589-piece set offers age-appropriate build and play experience. My daughter was able to read the easy-to-follow instructions all on her own and was so proud of herself once she finished building. For the ultimate leisure experience, you can combine this set with the Heartlake Sports Center!

The Lego Friends Heartlake Summer Pool is the place to be when the sun is shining! Join Andrea and Martina as they slide down a long slide into the water, jump off the springing diving board and go to the swim-up bar for a refreshing drink. There’s also an outdoor shower behind the aquarium as well as a restroom, lifeguard stand, and a hot tub with day bed for a truly relaxing experience!

My daughter bans me from helping build these sets. However, I am asked to watch the entire time because she gives me the job of putting the stickers on. Her independence and apparent lack of sticker skills makes me laugh every time and these are the moments that I will always try to remember.

The swimming pool area features an aquarium, shower, TV screen, two speakers, waterfall/fountain and steps down to the hot tub area. Help Andrea and Martina get into the water via the wavy slide, and a springing diving board! You can also assemble a swim ring and air mattress for them to relax on while in the pool.

My daughter loves bouncing the mini-doll figures into the pool off of the diving board. There is a small rubber piece that is part of the diving board structure that helps give it that realistic "spring"! How fun is that?!

There is a smaller slide at the top of the pool that goes into a mini pool. Then you take the wavy slide down into the main pool. It is sturdy and the mini-doll figures go down faster than you'd think!! It has been so much fun watching my daughter line up all of the Lego Friends and seeing who makes it down into the pool the quickest!

On the backside of the pool, you'll find a tall ladder for the Friends to climb their way up to the slides. Right behind the aquarium, there's two shower spaces on either side so they can wash that chlorine off!

PS: I'm convinced that every pool needs a built-in aquarium...

One thing every swimming pool needs is a lifeguard. This realistic lifeguard stand with a no running or diving sign fits Friends figures perfectly. I love all the little details that make these sets unique!!

If they need a break from the pool, Andrea and Martina can chill in the hot tub and day bed area! There's a ladder and spots for drinks to sit around the heart-shaped hot tub. There's a canopy above the day bed to relax in the shade. There's even a newspaper for them to read - and I love that the front page story is about the Lego Friends Puppy Championship!

Every pool for sure needs a restroom! The restroom area features opening swing doors to find a toilet, sink and stickers for toilet paper, soap, and mirror. On the side of the restroom, there are two lockers with doors that open and close for the mini-doll figures to store their belongings.

The snack bar is a great place for the Friends to take a break from the pool to grab a drink and snack. My daughter kept the snack bar separate from the pool area, but you can also line it up alongside the pool to create a swim-up bar! The set comes with coin and dollar pieces for characters to purchase their goodies. Add another character behind the counter to prepare the drinks and snacks to sell!

Playing with this LEGO® Friends Heartlake Summer Pool set has made us anxious for the summer break to get here. Until then, we are having a ton of fun using our imaginations!

What's your favorite summer activity?

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