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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Free Printable Summer Activity Pack

Keep the kids entertained AND learning with this fun and FREE Printable Summer Activity Pack!

Free Printable Summer Activity Pack

Looking for something to keep the kids busy during summer break? This activity pack comes with 6 fun-filled coloring pages, activity worksheets, and puzzles for kids of all ages! Not only is the activity pack an entertaining activity, but it's also educational - which is an important thing to keep in mind during the summer break! Plus, I'm excited to share how you can print this pack out with the amazing Munbyn portable printer!

The pack is a great activity for kids at home, in the classroom, and at summer parties or playdates. I had a lot of fun putting this pack of worksheets together, and hope that you have a blast using them. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your colored pencilsmarkers, or crayons and let's get started!

Munbyn Portable Printer

Before we get to the summer printable pack, I wanted to tell you all about this new little gadget that is going to be such a lifesaver for teachers, homeschool parents, and anyone else who needs to do some quick printing! This Munbyn portable printer is not only adorable (hello, pink!), but it's also wireless and INKLESS (seriously). The printer is thermal, so it doesn't require any ink or toner at all, which is great for printing activity packs like this one for summer!

The printer measures a sleek 11"x3"x2" and only weighs 1.6 pounds, which makes it the perfect size to keep on a desktop, display in classrooms, and is convenient for taking it on-the-go. The printer is compatible with Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, PDF, and JPG files and prints various sizes of roll thermal paper (A4/US Letter/Legal/4"/3"/2") and fanfold thermal paper (A4/US Letter).

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Munbyn Portable Printer

After downloading the Free Printable Summer Activity Pack, printing it out with the Munbyn portable printer is simple. However, before you can do anything, you'll need to charge the printer so that it's ready for use (charging cord is included with the printer).

Open the printer and load the roll thermal paper inside and then close it again. If you are using the fanfold thermal paper, you can feed it through the slot in the back of the printer.

Munbyn Portable Printer

The Munbyn printer prints wirelessly via your phone and can be wired to your computer, so you can print from virtually anywhere. To connect the printer to your mobile device, you'll need to press the button on top of the printer. When the light on the button turns blue, you can then connect your device using Bluetooth.

Next, upload the PDF printable activity pack file to the app and adjust the print settings as necessary. You can adjust the amount of copies and specific pages to print, select paper size and type, and change the print mode and density settings. Once you're ready, just click the orange "print" button at the bottom!

Munbyn Portable Printer

It also prints fast - up to 4 pages per minute! When you print using the roll thermal paper, all of the pages from the pack will print in one long image unless you tear them apart in between. Luckily, the printer has a built-in blade to make tearing the pages apart. The fanfold thermal paper is already perforated between each sheet, so you won't need this feature when using that kind of paper.

Needless to say, the Munbyn thermal printer has been such a great tool for printing activities to keep the kids busy (and learning) all summer long and is especially convenient for printing multiple copies of worksheets for homeschool and classroom assignments. My teacher husband even took it to school to use for printing during the last day of school and had all of the other teachers asking about it.

Now that printing is easier than ever, let me tell you all about the Free Printable Summer Activity Pack!

Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages

This printable Summer Activity Pack is a great way to entertain the kids and keep them learning at the same time during the time away from the classroom. The worksheets are also great for home! Print the pack for the kids to keep busy when they complain of boredom or bring them to a group activity.

Free Printable Summer Activity Pack

As I mentioned, this printable activity pack includes a total of 6 summer-themed worksheets. Two of those are adorable coloring pages, and other four pages are puzzle-type activities, including a summer maze, and a word search, crossword, word scramble filled with summer-themed vocabulary words and small summer images to color with your favorite colored pencilsmarkers, or crayons.

Download Free Printable Summer Activity Pack


Printables from Artsy-Fartsy Mama are for personal use only. You may use these in an educational setting, but you may not sell them. If you'd like to share this printable digitally, share a link to this post/website only. Do not share a direct link to the printable.

If you are a teacher or would like to reuse the activity pack printables year after year, you can easily do this with these two options: One is with a lamination machine, and another is to use dry erase pockets. My husband loves using these pockets in the classroom because you can easily store multiple printables at once, and they are fairly inexpensive.

Once laminated or pocketed, kids can use dry erase markers to write down the answers and to color the images. After you're done, simply wipe the marker off the plastic and store the printable for the next use. 

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As always, I would love to see the printables in action, and would love to hear what you think about the Munbyn portable printer! Share on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest! #AFMPrintables

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Free Printable Summer Activity Pack

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