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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Free Printable Christmas Paper Bows

Dress up your holiday gifts with these colorful Free Printable Christmas Paper Bows!

Free Printable Paper Christmas Bows

No matter how many bows I buy for topping Christmas gifts, I somehow never have enough. This year, I am saving my money and making my own instead. Not only are these printable Christmas paper bows FREE, but they are SO simple to make! You can make a bunch of these bows to attach to gifts for a festive handmade touch, and then make up some more to use as holiday decor or to put on your Christmas tree. Now that I have a pile of handmade Christmas paper bows, I'm ready to start wrapping ALL the things!!

Free Printable Paper Christmas Bows

Download and print the bow templates (for personal use only) on white copy paper or cardstock. Use scissors to cut out the 3 bow pieces. There are 8 different bow designs in the download, so you'll have lots of options to work with!

Free Printable Paper Christmas Bows

First, take the main bow piece - the one that looks like an eye mask - and lay it face down. Apply some paper adhesive to each end of the bow, and bring them to the center. Hold the ends in place until the adhesive has set.

Free Printable Paper Christmas Bows

Add some more adhesive over the seams on the back of the bow, and center it on top of the back bow piece. Hold the pieces together until the adhesive sets.

Free Printable Paper Christmas Bows

Lastly, wrap the small rectangle around the center of the bow, with the ends overlapping in the back. Use adhesive to keep the ends in place. Once the adhesive sets, the bow is ready to attach to the top of your holiday gifts!

Free Printable Paper Christmas Bows

Wrap your holiday gifts as usual, and then attach the bow to the top with tape or adhesive. Because there are 8 different bow patterns in the printable, you can mix and match bow pieces. I love how the different patterns look together, like the stripes and polka dot combo shown on the gift in the image above!

Download Free Printable Christmas Bows

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Not only are these Christmas Bow printables perfect for topping your holiday gifts, but you could use them for decorating your home, Christmas tree, and more! As always, I love to see the printables in action! Please share your creations on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest #AFMPrintables! 

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Free Printable Paper Christmas Bows

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