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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet

Kids will love using embroidery floss to make colorful Double Diamond Friendship Bracelets!

Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet

For years, making friendship bracelets are a fun afternoon craft or a summer camp activity for kids of all ages. My daughter loves making bracelets, and was looking for something a little more challenging than our Chevron Friendship Bracelet. This Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet is just what she was looking for. Made with her favorite colors of embroidery floss, this bracelet is a lot of fun to make and looks so cool!

Coats & Clark Anchor Embroidery Floss

To make your own Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet, you will need these supplies:

At first glance, making patterned friendship bracelets can be a little overwhelming. However, as soon as you learn to follow the patterns and get the hang of tying the different knots, it's actually really simple. You will be making all kinds of bracelets in no time at all!

Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet Clip

Choose three coordinating colors of embroidery floss (I love these ones on spools!). Cut two pieces of each color to measure 36" long. Alternatively, you can one 72" length of each color and then split them in half.

Decide which color you want to be A, B, and C, and then line the strings up at the top in this order: ABCCBA (i.e., purple, blue, red, red, blue, purple). Use tape, a binder clip, or a clipboard to hold the top inch of the floss in place.

To make this Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet, you need to learn four types of knots: forward knot, backward knot, forward-backward knot, and backward-forward knot. If you need some help, my Chevron Friendship Bracelet tutorial shows you step-by-step how to do the first two knots. The forward-backward and backward-forward knots are simply a combination of the two.

If you need extra help, you can get a visual lesson from the video above.

Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Now, to get started on the Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet! Bracelet Book has a TON of creative bracelet patterns for every level, and above is a pattern variation I created to make this bracelet. Feel free to use this pattern as a key to make your own friendship bracelet.

How to read the Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet pattern:

  • The embroidery floss strings are color-coded and labeled at the top (and throughout the pattern) so that can see exactly where the strings need to go.
  • The numbers going down the sides of the pattern will help you to work line by line.
  • Arrows pointing to the right are going to be a forward knot.
  • Arrows pointing to the left are going to be a backward knot.
  • Bent arrows pointing to the left are going to be a forward-backward knot.
  • Bent arrows pointing to the right are going to be a backward-forward knot.

Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet Knots

Follow the pattern, one line at a time, to tie the knots and form a bracelet. Once you get to the bottom of the pattern (line 13), start back at line 2 and repeat the pattern until the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist.

Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet Clasp

Once you get to the end of your bracelet, remove the embroidery floss from the tapebinder clip, or clipboard. To finish the ends of the bracelet, you will need 2 jump rings and a lobster clasp. Open one of the jump rings, hook it through the lobster clasp, and close the ring again.

Cut two 5" lengths of floss (in any color) and set them aside. Gather the floss ends at one end of the bracelet, and fold it through the jump ring. Hold the ends down, and wrap one of the 5" floss pieces around the edges. Use a small drop of adhesive or clear nail polish to hold the end of the floss securely in place. Repeat this process for the other end of the bracelet.

Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet

To wear, wrap the bracelet around your wrist, and hook the lobster clasp onto the opposite jump ring.

Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet

My daughter now wants to make this bracelet in a bunch of color variations to share with her own school friends. Lucky for her, there are so many fun and vibrant colors of Anchor embroidery floss available! If you want to make bracelets with your own kids or summer camp group, the way this floss is on spools makes it convenient and easy to work with when making friendship bracelets! As always, I would love to see your creations! Share yours on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest! #AFMCrafts

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Double Diamond Friendship Bracelet

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  1. For the pink, purple and blue pattern from Bracelet Book, what is the bracelet number?

    1. I added the link to the post (thanks for the reminder!) The bracelet number is 1301, variation 223487.


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