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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Stuffed Animal Unicorn Gift Idea + Free Printable Tag

Gift a Ready to Hug unicorn stuffed animal to someone you love with Free Printable Tag!

Stuffed Animal Unicorn Gift Idea + Free Printable Tag

I love a unique gift idea, and this one is HUGE! If you know any kids who are obsessed with stuffed animals (I sure do), then this Ready to Hug Unicorn from Fairfield World is one epic gift idea. Packaged and ready for gifting, the unicorn will show right up at your doorstep. The only other thing you'll need is my FREE printable gift tag to pair with the box!   

Stuffed Animal Unicorn Gift Idea

Order the Ready to Hug Unicorn. When it arrives, take a peek to make sure everything is correct and looking good. The stuffed animal will be compressed in a plastic bag to be able to fit in the box. Close and re-seal the box.

Download the large unicorn gift tag and print it out on heavy cardstock. Cut a 1/2"-1" hole in the corner of the tag. To get the package ready for gifting, choose some coordinating ribbon to match the tag. Wrap a roll of 9' x 1 1/2" purple ribbon around the box and tie it in a double knot at the top. Loop the end of the ribbon through the hole in the tag, and then tie the ribbon into a fluffy bow. That's it! Easy, right?

Stuffed Animal Unicorn Gift Idea

Once the box has been opened, remove the stuffed animal in the plastic bag from the box. Once you undo the zipper at the top of the bag, the Poly-fil stuffing inside the 35" Ready to Hug Unicorn expands as soon as it hits the air and makes it immediately ready to snuggle!

I love how bright and vivid the colors in the rainbow mane and tail are against to the white unicorn body. Of course, one of my favorite features are the sparkling hooves with reversible gold and silver sequins! It's such a fun size for playing with and adding a pop of magic to any room, and is extra soft for snuggling at bedtime.

Free Printable Unicorn Gift Tag

This set of unicorn gift tags come with two different size options. The full page size is perfect for gifting the unicorn stuffed animal in the box as I've shown you. The smaller set is great for "average-sized" gifting! If you use these gift tags to share some magical gifts, I'd love to see them in action!

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Fairfield World Ready to Hug Stuffed Animals

Great news! The Ready to Hug Unicorn isn't the only giant stuffed animal in the collection! Laura made a giant "Jawesome" gift tag to coordinate with the 36" Ready to Hug Shark, and Beth created the cutest bear tag to pair with the extra huggable 39" Ready to Hug Bear!

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Stuffed Animal Unicorn Gift Idea + Free Printable Tag

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  1. What a sweet gift idea! And quick to put together too.



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