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Monday, June 7, 2021

DIY Summer Peony Wreath

Make this easy DIY Peony Wreath for summer in less than 30 minutes!

Growing up, we had beautiful pink peonies that blossomed every year at the beginning of summer. We loved to cut them and put them into a vase for my mom to enjoy inside the house. When I spotted these gorgeous faux peonies in a sunset of colors at the craft store, it brought back all of those summer peony memories. I just had to have them! This summery wreath looks so gorgeous on my front door, and I love the vibrant pops of color from the peonies.

To make your own Summer Peony Wreath, you will need these supplies:

Carefully remove all of the flowers and leaves from the stems. If the bottom of the flower starts coming off, reattach it with some glue. Place the leaves in a separate pile to use later.

If your flowers have a large "nub" on the back, use your scissors to trim them off. Again, if the bottom of the flower starts coming off, reattach it with some glue.

For making wreaths and projects that use a lot of glue, I love using this glue stick that's 5 feet long! No need to add new sticks during your project, and it works amazingly! It's definitely one of my favorite craft supplies that makes life a lot more convenient!

The bright pink peonies that I picked out were a bit larger than the other flowers, so I started with these. I glued five of the flowers on and spaced them out evenly. Working with an odd number is a little more eye-pleasing, and easy to work with.

Next, I attached five of the orange peonies to the upper edge wreath, right next to the pink peonies. Hold the flowers in place as the glue sets. Be sure to use some finger caps so you don't burn yourself!

Place the white peonies in between the pink peonies to fill in the space. Hold the flowers in place as the glue sets, and then "fluff" the flower petals back out.

Finally, add the lighter pink peonies next to the orange peonies. Fluff out all of the petals to make the flowers look full and to fill empty spaces in the wreath.

Get a few of the leaves and glue them down behind the larger pink flowers and place them around both the inner and outer edges of the wreath.

On the back of the wreath, I tied a loop out of some string with a large knot. I added some glue to the wreath form, placed the knot down into it (use some finger caps!), and then add a little more glue around it to really secure it.

DIY Summer Peony Wreath

When the glue  has completely set, hang up the wreath and make any adjustments, if necessary. At this point, the wreath is finished and ready for display. However, I had this "Hello" sign sitting around waiting to be paired with the perfect project...

DIY Summer Peony Wreath

I placed the metal "Hello" in the center of the wreath at an angle, and loved how it looked together. Use a little glue to keep the sign in place. I absolutely love this wreath, and the pop of color it adds to my front door! It's such a perfect piece of decor to keep up throughout both spring and summer!

I would love to hear what you think about this Peony Wreath! As always, if you make any of these projects for yourself, I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest!

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DIY Summer Peony Wreath

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