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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

DIY Foil Leather Journal

Make your own foil-covered leather journal to keep track of plans or creative thoughts and ideas!

DIY Foil Leather Journal with Pen

I am always making lists. Grocery lists, to do lists, lists of project ideas, and the literal list goes on and on. Just the other day, I was cleaning out my purse and ended up with a large handful of paper scraps full of scribbled checklists. To keep myself a little more organized, I decided to make myself this leather-bound journal (using my Cricut) with a foil design to keep all of my lists in one place. The journal fits perfectly in my purse, and the pages can be easily refilled or replaced to keep my lists going as long as I need them to.

To make your own Leather-covered journal with foil design, you will need these supplies:

Foil Journal Cricut Design Space

Open the Notebook cut file (personal use only) in Design Space. Duplicate the colored page so that you have 2 copies. Make duplicates of the white page for however many pages you want the notebook to have (I made 6).

Next, upload the "You've Got This" SVG and add it to the canvas. Size it to fit on the cover of the notebook. With the image selected, click the Linetype drop-down menu in the top menu bar. At the bottom of the list, you will see "Foil" as a selection. Mouse over it and choose Fine. Change the color of the foil by clicking the colored box next to the Linetype in the top menu bar and select silver (or whatever color you want to use). Select the cover and the image, and click "Attach" in the bottom right menu to keep these images together.

Cricut Design Space Material Settings

Choose your material from the list of Material Settings. Not all materials will work well with foil, so be sure to click on "Compatible" at the top of the list to show you everything that will make your project a successful one. For the cover, I used black Faux Leather, which is the only kind of leather that works with the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool.

Cricut Machine using Foil Tool on Leather

Lay the sheet of faux leather face-up on the StandardGrip mat. You will see that you need to place the Foil Transfer Tool housing with Fine Tip (1 line) into Clamp B first. On your mat, lay the Cricut Foil Transfer Sheet down on the leather where it is shown in the mat preview. Tape the foil down with the included tape strips on all four sides. Make sure it is completely smooth. If it's not, the foil can rip and ruin your project. Load the mat into the machine and press the flashing Cricut icon.

Once the Foiling Tool is finished, do NOT unload the mat. Carefully peel the tape away and lift the foil away from the leather to reveal the design. Place the Fine-Point Blade into Clamp B, and press "Go" to finish the cut.

*For more detailed instructions, here's a helpful tutorial for using the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

Leather Journal Cover with Foil Image

I love the shimmer of foil on top of the leather! When you run your finger across it there's a little bit of texture from the pressure, but the foil stays in place! If you do happen to have any foil dust on your project, gently tap it against a table or use a soft tissue to rub or brush the extra foil dust away.

Foil Leather Journal Cover and Pages

The colored pieces of the cut file are to stabilize your journal, so I recommend cutting them out of something thicker like corrugated cardboard. Kraft Board would also work, but there are a lot more color options with the corrugated cardboard.

DIY Foil Leather Journal

Sandwich the stack of white cardstockcopy paper, or lined paper in between the two pieces of corrugated cardboard with the holes lined up on the left side. Place the cover around the paper "sandwich" and thread some twine or cord up through the holes in the back and tie the ends together in the front.

DIY Foil Leather Journal

This journal is the perfect size to pair with a pen and keep in a purse or bag to write down notes, creative ideas, lists, or whatever you want to keep track of. Because of the way the journal is assembled, it's easy for you to refill or exchange out the paper when the book has been filled.

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DIY Foil Leather Journal

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  1. Love this foiled journal, Lindsay, especially against that black leather! Shared and will be featured at this weeks Creative Crafts Linky Party. Have a great week! Creatively, Beth


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