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Monday, August 31, 2020

Dyed Seashell Resin Coasters

Add a pop of color to your space with these Dyed Seashell Resin Coasters!

Dyed Seashell Resin Coasters Stacked

I'm excited to share a new and colorful resin project for you to try! Coaster sets are one of my favorite projects to make with resin. You can add all kinds of fun and interesting items to the resin, and I couldn't wait to use these brightly dyed shells in a project. These resin coasters are a great project for beginners, and add a bright pop of color to add to your coffee table or desk.

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Dyed Seashell Resin Coaster Supplies

To make your own Dyed Seashell Resin Coasters, you will need these supplies:

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Prepare the EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy according to package directions. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and wear disposable gloves!

Add equal parts resin and hardener to the mixing cup (I used about 3 oz of each). Stir the resin mixture together with a stir stick for two minutes, making sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the mixing cup. Pour the resin into a clean mixing cup and stir the resin again for another minute or two with a clean stir stick.

Mixed Resin in Coaster Molds

Pour resin into each of the coaster molds, being careful not to overfill. Let the resin sit for a few minutes, then use a straw, lighter, or heat gun to remove any air bubbles that rise to the top.

Dyed Shells in Resin Molds

Fill up a small mixing cup with some of the dyed shell chips. Pick out any that are too large or don’t belong (for example, I found a couple of lava rock pieces in mine). Pour the shells evenly over the resin, a little bit at a time. Use a clean stir stick or a resin brush to move the pieces around, press pieces down, and to coat with resin. You don’t want any shells sticking up out of the resin, otherwise the coasters won’t lay flat when finished.

Pop any bubbles that rise to the top using a lighter, heat gun, or by blowing through a straw. Leave the resin to cure in an undisturbed area for 24 hours. You will know that the resin is completely cured when it is no longer tacky.

Dyed Seashell Resin Coasters

Carefully remove the coasters from the mold and admire your work. I love how each coaster turns out a little bit different! Remove any over-poured resin with scissors, and sand down edges, if necessary.

Overhead View of Dyed Seashell Coasters with Glass

I am SO excited about these coasters! I especially love how the the bright colors and shimmer make the coasters look like stained glass. These gorgeous coasters are a simple project that you can make to share as a gift with someone special, or to add some color to your own desk or coffee table at home.

I would love to hear what you think about these coasters! As always, if you make this project, I would love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram and Facebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest!

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Dyed Seashell Resin Coasters

This post originally appeared on the Resin Crafts Blog.

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  1. Lindsay, your resin projects always blow me away! Just gorgeous! I'd love for you to share over at our Creative Crafts Linky Party
    Have a great rest of your week!
    Creatively, Beth

  2. Great idea! Very bright and beautiful. Perfect for a gift!


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