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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Free Printable "You Are Loved" Card Set

Create a handmade card and envelope to remind someone that they are loved!

Free Printable "You Are Loved" Card Set

Handwritten notes and letters are a lost art. Texts and emails are great, but sometimes a card with a special message written inside means so much more. This printable card and envelope set is simple to put together, and is a sweet sentiment to share with loved ones during this difficult time! You could also use this card for Mother’s Day and birthdays. I had a lot of fun creating this set, and I hope you enjoy it, too!!

Free Printable "You Are Loved" Card Set


Some things you should know before downloading:
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*You may NOT modify, re-sell, redistribute, or claim the design as your own.
*Please do not remove the credits/watermarks.
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Free Printable "You Are Loved" Card Set

Download the printable card and envelope set. For best results, print the set on cardstock. Cut the card and envelope out with scissors, following the outer guidelines.

Line a ruler up next to the center fold line, and press the scoring tool or bone folder next to the ruler and run it down the fold line a couple of times. Fold the card in half and press the fold down so the card stays closed.

Free Printable "You Are Loved" Card Set

Use the same tools to add score lines to the envelope. For a more decorative envelope, fold the envelope with the design on the outside. To be able to mail the envelope, make sure the white side of the paper is on the outside and keep the design on the inside.

Free Printable "You Are Loved" Card Set

To assemble the envelope: Fold one side of the envelope in and add a line of tape runner to the bottom edge of the tab. Next, fold the opposite tab over (it will slightly overlap the other tab) and add a line of tape runner across the bottom edge. Last, fold the bottom tab up and press down to secure the tape from the tape runner.

Write your message in the card, then place the card in the envelope. Close the envelope with tape runner, a cute sticker, or some coordinating washi tape (if mailing, make sure it's secure)!

Who will you share this card with?

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Free Printable "You Are Loved" Card Set

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  1. Pansies are my favorite, They remind me of gardening with my grandma and my mom. Thank you for sharing.


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