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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How To Use The 4 New Cricut Maker Tools

Learn all about the four NEW tools for the Cricut Maker adaptive tool system!

NEW Cricut Maker Tools

The Cricut Maker was designed to be a versatile machine to make your DIY experience easier, with an Adaptive Tool System to allow you to cut even more materials with even more tools without the need to upgrade to a new machine. The Cricut Maker grows with you as you master each new craft!

Earlier this month, Cricut announced four more new tools for the Cricut Maker machine: Perforation Blade, Wavy Blade, Fine Debossing Tip, and Engraving Tip! I'm so excited to share all there is to know about them and a few project ideas using these tools to inspire you to get creating.

*If you are new to the Cricut Maker, visit this post!

4 New Cricut Maker Tools

So far the Knife BladeRotary Blade, and Scoring Wheel have been a ton of fun to work with, so I was thrilled to try out these newest tools in the Maker collection. Another great thing about these tools is that they all have the Quickswap Housing System, which allows you to swap out blades/tips without having to change the housing.

Not only does this make it easier to create multi-dimensional projects, but it can be more affordable, too! As long as you have one tool with the housing, you can just buy the other blades and tips. This can definitely make a difference. The pricing for the housing with tips range from $44.99-$49.99, where the tips alone are around $24.99-$29.99!

Cricut Engraving Tip

From what I've heard, the Engraving Tip is the one tool most people have been asking for for a long time. With this tool, you can engrave monograms, designs, embellishments and more on to the most delicate materials including acrylic, aluminum and more without cracking or damaging the material. 

Cricut Maker Engraving Acrylic Sheet

You can engrave a variety of flat materials, like soft metals, leather, acrylic, plastic, anodized or sublimated aluminum, and more. However, DO NOT use the Engraving Tip on glass! I found some 8x10 acrylic sheets that are perfect for this project and give the same look/effect as glass.

Tape your material down to the mat, just like you would with the Knife Blade, to ensure the material doesn't shift during the engraving process. Throughout the engraving process, the engraving tip may lift up and spin every few minutes. This is totally normal and is done to prevent the tip from getting dull. You may also notice black wear marks on the side of the tip over time. These are normal and will not affect how the tip works.

Engraved Acrylic

Once the engraving process is finished, remove the acrylic from the mat and use a dry brush and/or a sticky roller to remove any loose shavings. Do not use your hands, otherwise you could get cuts or splinters!

Engraved "Dream Big" Artwork

There are a ton of things that you can do with your newly engraved project, but I decided to put this Dream Big (Design Space project) into a frame with a colorful piece of cardstock behind it.

Cricut Perforation Blade

The Perforation Blade makes evenly spaced perforation cuts to make tear-offs without the need for folding before, and is especially great for shapes with curves. This blade is perfect for making projects like raffle tickets, countdown calendars, tear-off projects and more!

Super Reader Bookmarks with Cricut

My husband loves finding new ways to encourage kids in his class to read, so we came up with these "Super Reader" Bookmarks (Design Space project) cut out of kraftboardPerforation Blade, and Cricut Pens!

"Super Reader" Bookmarks

Kids will love keeping these superhero bookmarks! When they reach their goal, like finishing a book or reading for a certain amount of time, simply tear off the tab along the perfectly perforated edge and turn it in for a reward!

Cricut Wavy Blade

The Wavy Blade gives a whole new dimension to your projects! It's great for original vinyl decals, iron-on designs, envelopes, cards, gift tags, collage projects, or any time you need fabulously finished edges and stylish design accents. Perfect for materials like iron-on, vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, and more.

You Go, Girl! Cricut Design Space

To use the Wavy Blade, select the "Wave" option from the Linetype dropdown menu. The shapes won't look "wavy" in the preview, but your blade will do all the work for perfectly curved edges!

Cricut Wavy Blade with Glitter Cardstock

Then all you have to do is load your material and place the Wavy Blade into the machine to make gorgeous, wavy cuts in half the time!

Cricut Wavy Blade Paper

The Wavy Blade rolls along a lot like the Rotary Blade, so keep in mind that it has a harder time working with small designs and tight turns. It’s best to make sure your cut is at least ¾”.

Cricut Debossing Tip

The Cricut Cuttlebug no longer available, but the Fine Debossing Tip can be used to add professional-looking debossed designs to invitations, envelopes, home decor projects and more. Instead of using folders with an embossing/debossing machine, you can choose where you want each debossing mark to go to create a truly custom, one-of-a-kind project!

You Go, Girl! Cricut Debossing Tip

Debossing is where the design is pushed into the material, where embossing is when it is raised up. You can deboss all kinds of materials, like paper, leather, basswood, and more! If you are using tooling leather, make sure to wet it with a damp towel first and allow to dry before you use the debossing tip.

You Go, Girl! Cricut Artwork

This You Go, Girl (Design Space Project) artwork was a lot of fun to make. I debossed some kraftboard, then rubbed some colored chalk over the words. When you do this, you have to be careful not to get chalk into the debossed areas. If you do, don't panic. You can use a Weeder tool to scrape the chalk away!

You Go, Girl! Cricut Artwork

I put a couple of glitter cardstock strips cut with the Wavy Blade on both sides of the paper, then framed my project. I just love how it turned out.

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NEW Cricut Maker Tools

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