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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Free "Official Cookie Tester" SVG Cut File

Get excited about holiday baking with a super cute "Official Cookie Tester" Shirt!

Official Cookie Tester Shirt (Free Cut File)

Whether it's at grandma's or in your own kitchen, every baker should have an official cookie tester! I've got a free cut file to share with you to make your own Official Cookie Tester shirt to get excited about helping in the kitchen for the holiday. Plus when you wear it to your holiday parties, it will give you a great excuse to try all the cookies! Snickerdoodles, anyone?

To make your own "Official Cookie Tester" Christmas shirt, you'll need these supplies:

Official Cookie Tester Shirt with Free Cut File

Upload the "Official Cookie Tester" cut file into Design Space and size the image to fit your shirt. When cutting your iron-on vinyl, make sure to mirror your image! If you don't, your design will be backwards when you put it on your shirt. To do this, click on each mat thumbnail in Design Space before cutting, and click the "Mirror" toggle to reverse the image. Place the vinyl face-down on the mat, load it into the machine and click the button to cut the vinyl.

"Weed" the excess vinyl by removing all of the parts that don't belong in the design. I usually peel away the outer edges starting at the corner and working my way around the design. Then I use weeding tools to remove the smaller pieces of the design, like the insides of letters and details in the gingerbread man.

Official Cookie Tester Shirt with Free Cut File

Plug in the EasyPress 2 and power it on. Each kind of HTV has a different heat and time setting, so be sure to check the recommended EasyPress settings before getting started. Adjust the heat and time setting to your shirt and vinyl specifications. Once the light turns green and the machine beeps, it's ready to use.

If you use different vinyls like I did, it's important to protect the vinyl that's already been pressed. Place the other cuts of vinyl onto the shirt, and cover with the Cricut Iron-On Protective Sheet. Press the vinyl into place with the EasyPress 2 the same way and remove the carrier sheets while the vinyl is still warm.

Official Cookie Tester Shirt (Free Cut File)

Who's the Official Cookie Tester at your house? My daughter is ours, and loves wearing this shirt all season long. Shirts like this would make a fun early Christmas gift, or use the cut file to make your own holiday decor!

What's your favorite holiday cookie?

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Official Cookie Tester Shirt with Free Cut File

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