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Thursday, February 15, 2018

3-Ingredient Monster High Slime

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

This 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime is easy enough for anyone to mix up. The best part is that it can keep kids entertained for hours using their imaginations and making up new adventures. For you homeschoolers, this also makes for a great science project!

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

Kids everywhere are obsessed with making slime, and for good reason! It's simple, fun, and a great science experiment. To make this sparkly Monster High-inspired Slime, you'll only need these 3 ingredients:

4 oz Elmer's Glue (Clear or Gel)
4 oz Warm Water (makes a stretchier slime)
½ Tablespoon Baking Soda
1½ Tablespoons Contact Lens Solution (HAS to have boric acid ingredient or it won't work)

You can also make slime using Borax. Check out this tutorial to see how!

*While it looks pretty and is a lot of fun, slime is NOT edible. Because of that, I don't recommend letting small children play with it if there's a chance they will try to eat it. Be sure to also wash your hands and play space well after playing.

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

To add some sparkle and shine to the slime, you'll need some glitter. Packages like this mega pack of Glitter Shakers gives you 12 color options to work with at a price you can definitely afford for projects with kids. 

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

To turn our slime into something that screams Monster High, I found this package of freaky-fab Monster High Confetti! In this pack there are 3 packs of foil confetti in different shapes: hearts, bats, smoochy lips, stars, Skullettes, and Monster High badges in the Monster High signature colors (blue, pink, silver, and black).

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

Start by pouring out the entire bottle glitter glue into a mixing bowl. If you want a stretchier slime, fill the empty glue container with some hot or warm water and put the lid back on. Shake well the bottle well. This will get all of the excess glue out of the bottle and is an easy way to measure the water you need! Pour the water into the mixing bowl and stir until combined.

Pour in any colors of glitter you want to use and some of the confetti. I didn't use any of the Skullettes or the Monster High badges because I felt that they were a little too large. Use a spoon to distribute the glitter and confetti.

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

Add the baking soda and mix it in thoroughly. Slowly stir in contact lens solution a Tablespoon at a time. As you stir with a spoon, you'll see that it almost immediately becomes thick and clumps together.

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

Once the slime thickens up, remove it from the bowl and use your hands to mix it all together. Add a little more solution if it's too sticky. Keep squishing the slime with your hands and kneading it like a dough until it's smooth and no longer sticky.

Keep kneading the slime for a minute or two before adding any more solution. If you add too much, the slime will be too stiff and isn't much fun to play with.

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

Stretch it, squish it, and have fun! This glittery slime is moldable, but won't hold it's shape for long. Squish your hands into it and leave a hand print, or create a shape and watch it melt into a blob. Your kids will be entertained for quite a while.

Store the slime in an airtight container or Ziploc bag. It will stay good for quite a while as long as you keep it sealed. I've also heard that keeping it in the fridge will help it stay useable longer (but I've never tried it).

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

My daughter loves playing with her Monster High Minis in the slime. You can press them in, cover them, and play and the slime shouldn't stick to them. It's so much fun!

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

Want to know the science behind slime? Here's our favorite scientist, Frankie Stein to tell you all about it:

Slime is a fang-tastic learning tool that is fun to make, play with, and personalize. It's gooey, yet it doesn't stick to your skin. You can shape it into a solid shape and then it almost immediately melts like a liquid. Why does this happen?

First, let me tell you a secret: while there are multiple slime recipes out there, did you know that they are all made the same way?! All you need to form a basic slime is 2 important ingredients: polyvinyl alcohol (a main ingredient in washable school glue) and borate ion (which is found in borax/sodium tetraborate, or boric acid). Isn't that CLAW-some?!

In case you're wondering, borax and boric acid are slightly different molecules, but both change to borate ion when mixed with with water! That's why you need to dilute Borax detergent in water, or use detergents/solutions that already have water mixed in to make a successful slime.

How it works: when the polyvinyl alcohol (glue) is mixed together with borate ion (contact solution/Borax/etc), the two molecules form long chains. When you have a bunch of those chains, it creates the slime we all know and love!

Experiment: next time you make slime, try using different ratios of polyvinyl alcohol and borate ion. Not enough borate ion creates a looser slime that is more sticky and gooey. Too much borate ion, and you've got a stiff ball of slime that doesn't "melt" as fast or as well!

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

For my daughter's Monster High Birthday Party, we mixed up some of this Monster High Slime and put them into heart-shaped containers to give to her guests as party favors. The kids loved it and it was a fun project for my daughter to do for her friends. With the recipe above, we were able to fill about twelve 2" containers.

Have some "Fang"-tastic fun with 3-Ingredient Monster High Slime!

We have been having so much fun with this Monster High Slime. My daughter has been entertained for hours recreating scenes from Monster High and making up new adventures of her own.

For more Monster High fun, check out this Free Printable Monster High Bingo:

Free Printable Monster High Bingo

I would love to hear if you decide to make some Monster High Slime with your kids!

Do your kids love slime, too?

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