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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Help Stop Bullying with Pottymouth and Stoopid

Thanks to JIMMY Patterson Books for the opportunity to share this "awesometastic" book. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Help Stop Bullying with Pottymouth and Stoopid & Free Printable Anti-Bullying Bookmarks! #PottymouthandStoopid

See this girl? ↑ She's pretty amazing. She's a bookworm, a scientist, a fashionista, ultra-creative, a super smarty pants, and one of the friendliest girls you'll ever meet. I've always tried to teach her that being "different" or "weird" is good, and that our differences are what make us so special. We homeschooled up until this last school year, where she skipped two grades for her age! For the most part, going to school was such an awesome experience for her - especially since my husband works at the same school. She made a lot of great friends, and learned so much!

Unfortunately, bullying is almost inevitable these days. Because she's a little different than most kids in her class, there were a few kids who picked on her. Relentlessly. One was physically bullying her, others called her names, teased her and told her to "shut up" every time she tried to say something. It was heartbreaking as a parent to hear the stories she would come home with. I had some bullying experiences myself growing up, so we were able to talk honestly with each other about how we can do our part to stop bullying and how to not become a bully ourselves.
Help Stop Bullying with Pottymouth and Stoopid & Free Printable Anti-Bullying Bookmarks! #PottymouthandStoopid

Sometimes talking about bullying can be hard. One great way to start the conversation about bullying is by reading a great book together. Recommended for ages 9-12, Pottymouth and Stoopid is a newly released book by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. While the book is recommended for boys, girls will be just as drawn into the story and funny illustrations.

Help Stop Bullying with Pottymouth and Stoopid & Free Printable Anti-Bullying Bookmarks! #PottymouthandStoopid

So, what is this book about?
David and his best friend Michael were tagged with awful nicknames way back in preschool when everyone did silly things. Fast-forward to seventh grade: “Pottymouth” and “Stoopid” are still stuck with the names - and everyone in school, including the teachers and their principal, believe the labels are true. So how do they go about changing everyone's minds? By turning their misery into megastardom on TV, of course! Follow their roller-coaster journey from the ultimate losers to the biggest winners, with more than 100 hilarious illustrations in this signature Patterson format. And this important story delivers more than just laughs - it shows that the worst bullying doesn't have to be physical... and that things will get better.

Help Stop Bullying with Free Printable Anti-Bullying Bookmarks! #PottymouthandStoopid

As we read the book, my daughter and I would stop and talk about how she can manage bullying if/when it happens again at school. How can we be more of a buddy and not a bully?

1. Walk Away. Most of the time, a bully is looking for a reaction. As hard as it might be, ignoring the bully and walking away from the situation can be the best thing you can do. It may be best to walk in the direction of an adult or teacher, or a group of people.

2. Talk to a trusted adult. Find a teacher, parent, or another trusted adult who can help you and immediately tell them what the bully has been saying or doing. By telling someone that you are being bullied, you are standing up for yourself and showing the bullies that it won't be tolerated.

3. Think before you speak. You can't control what others say, but you can control yourself. What's funny to you might be hurtful to someone else. Repeating something you heard about someone else is gossip and is another form of bullying. Words can't be taken back, so take a second to think about how you would feel if someone said it about/to you. Words can hurt a lot more than you think.

4. Stand up for others. Bullies often want an audience and approval. Let bullies know that you do not think being mean is cool. If you see someone getting bullied, stand up to the bully. Don't insult or physically attack them. When you hear gossip about someone else, speak up and change the subject. Not saying anything could make it worse for everyone. The kid who is bullying will think it is ok to keep treating others that way.

5. Include everyone. Leaving others out or intentionally ignoring them is social bullying. If you are part of a group who is leaving someone out, stand up for them and leave the group if necessary. Be kind to the kid being bullied. Show them that you care by trying to include them. Sit with them at lunch or on the bus, talk to them at school, or invite them to do something. Just hanging out with them will help them know they aren’t alone.

6. Treat others with respect. Nobody should be mean to others. Everyone is different. Not better or worse. Just different - and that's okay! What's not okay is to hurt someone else physically, verbally or socially because they are different than you are. Treat others how you would want to be treated, and encourage those around you to do the same.

If you think you have bullied someone in the past, apologize. Everyone feels better!

Help Stop Bullying with Free Printable Anti-Bullying Bookmarks! #PottymouthandStoopid

Because most people cannot read entire books in one sitting, I've designed some Free Printable Anti-Bullying Bookmarks for you to use to save your spot while reading Pottymouth and Stoopid! For best results, print the bookmarks on cardstock and laminate.

Some things you should know before downloading:
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*You may NOT modify, re-sell, redistribute, or claim the design as your own.
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Help Stop Bullying with Free Printable Anti-Bullying Bookmarks! #PottymouthandStoopid

Using these bookmarks (even when you're not reading Pottymouth and Stoopid) is a great way to remind kids about what to do when bullying happens. This book is such a fun read, and is sure to help other kids out there to deal with bullying and to remind them that they are not alone.

Check out the official site, follow JIMMY Patterson Books on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram, follow James Patterson Twitter | Facebook | Instagram and follow along with the hashtag #PottymouthandStoopid on social media!

Help Stop Bullying with Pottymouth and Stoopid & Free Printable Anti-Bullying Bookmarks! #PottymouthandStoopid
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How do you talk with your kids about bullying? Share your tips in the comments!

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  1. I have not been bullied ever. I tell my kids to tell an adult right away and to stand up for their friends.

  2. This is very interesting. I admit as a kid wasnt bullied, but when got in my adulthood, I got a workplace bully, so I know how I felt with that. So I can imagine what a child feels with bullying.

  3. All kids (starting in 4th of 5th grade) should read this book twice a the beginning of the school year and when school returns after the Holiday break...just to keep it fresh on their minds. This instillment would also carry them into high school!

  4. I was bullied as a kid. I didn't know how to stand up for myself then, but I do now. When I have children they will be taught to be kind to everyone. And I really hope my kids are bookworms too! Like I was when I was younger!

  5. It is so sad how pervasive bullying has become in our society. We really need to teach our kids both how to stand up to bullying when they see it happening, and how to deal with being bullied. This book sounds like a great way to open up those lines of communication and have those discussions. I love your bookmark printable as well!

  6. This is such a great way to have an important conversation with your child. Bullying must be stopped but it's more challenging than ever when we see it coming from even our top officials. This book sounds like a great resource - and who can resist that title?!

  7. Great idea to teach our kids about bullying and what to do by providing them with books, tools and techniques. I really need to buy this book for my grandson I bet he will appreciate it.

  8. I was a little bit as a child but nothing like it happens today. The one thing I try to keep telling our little one is if they see it happening, to tell an adult.

  9. Great ideas to teach children about bullying. It must be so difficult for a child or anyone to deal with.

  10. I have not been bullied. My best tip is to always tell someone about it.


  11. I was bullied and hated school, i think it has alot to do with the parents there should be a book for them too, i love this though i hope that it can get through to some kids because today's bullying is getting out of hand!

  12. I was bullied at school and my tip is to tell your parents as soon as possible

  13. So happy they have books like this these days. So important.


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