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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DIY Ta-Da List Notepad

Celebrate everything you get done today with a DIY Ta-Da List Notepad!

DIY Ta-Da List Notepad with Free Printable at #CupForCrushingIt

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you seem to do during a busy day that you still aren't getting it all done? I have been feeling like that a lot lately and it really gets overwhelming. Instead of focusing on the things on your to-do list that isn't getting crossed off, we should be celebrating all the things we DO get done. That's why I created a Ta-Da List to share with you to make us all feel a bit more like we're crushing it! Sometimes those seemingly menial achievements feel like like an epic win, and THOSE are the things that really matter!
You'll be crushing it with a DIY Ta-Da List Notepad at #CupForCrushingIt

Every morning as we're rushing to get out the door, and I end up chugging my breakfast drink so I can get going, or worse - or I skip it altogether. After incorporating Dixie® To Go cups into my routine, it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning. The leak-resistant lid & insulated layer keeps your drink toasty and contained for the best on-the-go experience. Most importantly, it's also one less dish I have to wash!! No effort, no clean up, no worries. More time to focus on “crushing” those things may seem small to the outside world, but are important to me - like having time for a shower or putting on "real" pants for the day...

DIY Ta-Da List Notepad with Free Printable at

To make your own Ta-Da List Notepad, download and print out the Ta-Da List printable. There are two lists that will fit on one sheet of regular copy paper. Print out about 20 sheets or so, depending on how thick you want your notepad to be. Cut along the guideline on the center of the printable.

Next grab a cereal box, thick cardstock or chipboard and cut it to the same size as the list pages (approximately 4.25″ x 11″).

DIY Ta-Da List Notepad with Free Printable at

Stack the sheets on top of your chipboard. Turn the notepad upside down and tap the top edge on a table until all the edges are perfectly aligned. Clip one binder clip or clothespin to each side of the top of the notepad to hold the pages together.

Use the brush of some rubber cement and paint a thin coat of glue along the top edge of the pages. Let it dry completely (about 10 minutes), then paint a few more thicker coats.

DIY Ta-Da List Notepad with Free Printable at

Add two more clips or clothespins to the top edge of the notepad while the glue dries. Remove the clips once the glue has dried, and your notepad is ready to use!

DIY Ta-Da List Notepad with Free Printable at

The Ta-Da List has really helped change my "busy" frame of mind to feeling more positive in the things that do get done during the day. Even the little things like singing bedtime lullabies and getting through the day without gluing myself with the glue gun can be big achievements. Let's learn to celebrate the things that get done today!! 

Download Free Printable Ta-Da List

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What kind of things do you add on your ta-da list to show how you're “Crushing It”? Dixie® To Go helps keep my fuel nearby so I can “crush" the things that matter most!

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  1. What a great idea! Some days I just have to celebrate the little things I get done. I love this printable!

  2. Love the printable! Thanks so much.

  3. Cute printable! Today I got through most of my email, which I consider to be "crushing it!!"

  4. This is such a fantastic printable! LOVE it (and love checking things off my list!)

  5. Thank you for this awesome printable! I will come in handy.

  6. Love this idea - Ta-Da is SO much better than To-Do! Thanks!

  7. Thank you for the printable. Love this idea.


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