Top 10 Tutorials & Recipes of 2013

Artsy-Fartsy Mama's Top 10 Tutorials & Recipes of 2013 at

2013 has been a wonderful year here at Artsy-Fartsy Mama! It has been fun to go through all my posts through this past year and see which ones were reader favorites. Today I'm sharing the top 10 posts that got the most attention through 2013:

27 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas at

How to Make a Box Cake Even Better at

DIY Wax Paper Lantern at
DIY Wax Paper Lantern

30 Homemade Popsicle Recipes at

DIY Playdough at

Free Printable Recipe Cards at

Free Printable Christmas Bingo at

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo at

30 Washi Tape Projects at

DIY Popsicle Stick Bracelets at

Thank you all so much for all the support in 2013. I'm so excited to share more tutorials, recipes, and creative ideas in 2014!!


14 New Years Eve Party Ideas for Kids

14 New Years Eve Party Ideas for Kids at

New Years Eve is a fun holiday, but can be kind of hard for kids to be able to celebrate (especially when most kids can't make it to midnight). Today I'm sharing 14 party ideas for New Years Eve that will be fun for the whole family!!

14 New Years Eve Party Ideas for Kids at

1. New Year's Poppers from Repeat Crafter Me
2. New Years Eve Photo Props from Red Ted Art
3. New Years Eve Fun Fizz Countdown from Inspired by Family
4. DIY Party Hats from Sweet Little Peanut
5. Paper Plate Shakers for New Year’s Eve from The Centsible Life
6. New Years Noisemakers from Alpha Mom
7. Kids New Year’s Resolution Printable from Thirty Handmade Days
8. New Years Kit from The 36th Avenue
9. Kids Fireworks Crafts from I Can Teach My Child
10. Personalized New Years Kids Cups from Make and Takes
11. New Years Eve Edible Party Horns from Hungry Happenings
12. DIY New Years Eve Ball from The Mother Huddle
13. Balloon Activity Countdown from Life with Moore Babies
14. New Years Eve Countdown Bags from The Idea Room


15 DIY Vinyl Projects

15 DIY Vinyl Projects at #vinyl #silhouette

Creating with vinyl is a lot of fun, and there's so many things you can create with it! Wall art, holiday decor, favors, and handmade gifts are just a few ideas to get you started. Today I'm sharing 15 easy DIY vinyl projects you can make in an afternoon! 

15 DIY Vinyl Projects at #vinyl #silhouette

**If you're looking for a great deal on vinyl to refill your stash or start a new one, you're in luck! Silhouette is having a sale starting December 26th until January 2nd. Maybe you need a late Christmas present, or just looking for some supplies for your machine? Either way, these are amazing prices!

By using the promo code FARTSY, you can get these bundles at a discount:


DIY Ribbon Jewelry

I'm excited to share three fabulous jewelry tutorials with all of you today! Even if you're a beginner at jewelry-making, these pieces are simple and fun to make to dress up your holiday wardrobe.

DIY Ribbon Jewelry from #jewelry #ribbon

With a little ribbon and some basic jewelry supplies, you'll be able to create custom jewelry in no time! If you make this jewelry as a gift, it looks really cute packaged in a gift box, then tie it up with the same ribbon you used to make the jewelry!!

DIY Ribbon Chain Bracelet

DIY Ribbon Chain Bracelet from #jewelry #ribbon

To make this DIY Ribbon Chain Bracelet, you'll need:
Chain (try to find one that the links lay flat, all facing the same direction)
   *I actually found a necklace and it ended up being the perfect length
Toggle Clasp
Satin-Double Faced Ribbon (I used Lemon) in any color you'd like
Jewelry Pliers
Jump Rings
Super Glue

DIY Ribbon Chain Bracelet from #jewelry #ribbon

DIY Ribbon Chain Bracelet instructions:
1. Cut two chains for your bracelet. Measure your wrist and add half an inch or so to get your custom bracelet measurement. 
2. Cut a piece of ribbon 2-3 times the length of the chain. The longer, the better. You don't want to run out of ribbon in the middle of your project!
3. Lay the 2 chains next to each other. Loop the ribbon through the first 2 chain pieces, then wrap them around each other or tie a knot to bind them together. Make sure both ends of the ribbon are the same length.
4. The ribbon ends should be in the "back" side of the bracelet. Cross them over and bring them up through the next chains like you would thread a shoe lace.
5. Thread the ribbon through front to back, then back to front again to get the "X" stitch.
6. Once you get to the end, tie off the ribbon and cut the ends. Secure the ends down with some super glue.
7. Add a jump ring to each end of the chain, then attach your clasp.
8. Enjoy showing off your new accessory at your next holiday party or wrap up as a gift!

DIY Ribbon & Pearl Bracelet

DIY Ribbon & Pearl Bracelet from #jewelry #ribbon

To make this DIY Ribbon & Pearl Bracelet, you'll need:
Stretch Magic
Toggle Clasp
Glitter Elastic (I used Aquamarine) in any color you'd like
Strand of Pearl Beads
Quilting Needle
Super Glue

DIY Ribbon & Pearl Bracelet from #jewelry #ribbon

DIY Ribbon & Pearl Bracelet instructions:
1. Thread some Stretch Magic through the quilting needle. Quilting needles have larger eyes, so be sure to check the thickness of the Stretch Magic to choose which size needle will work best.
2. I kept all the Stretch Magic and Glitter Elastic on the roll, so I didn't need to measure/cut before starting. After I was done though, I probably used about 20" of ribbon.
3. Fold the end of the Glitter Elastic over about 1/2" and thread the Stretch Magic through the ribbon.
4. Next, thread on a pearl bead.
5. Fold some ribbon again and thread through. Repeat threading the beads and folded ribbon until the bracelet fits around your wrist.
6. Tie a knot out of the Stretch Magic at the end of the last folded ribbon. Pull as tight as you can, then add a drop of super glue.
7. Loop the Stretch Magic around the hook of the toggle clasp, and tie multiple knots, pulling the Stretch Magic tight. Add another drop of super glue on the knot to secure it.
8. Repeat the knot tying and attach the other piece of the toggle clasp at the other end of the bracelet.
9. Enjoy showing off your new accessory at your next holiday party or wrap up as a gift!

DIY Bow Tie Necklace

DIY Bow Tie Necklace from #jewelry #ribbon

To make a DIY Bow Tie Necklace, you'll need:
Chain, cut to preferred necklace length
Jump Rings
Lobster Clasp
Jewelry Pliers

DIY Bow Tie Necklace instructions:
1. Turn the bow over and with a needle, poke a hole on the right and left sides of the part that wraps around the bow in the center.
2. Use the jewelry pliers to open two jump rings and push them through the holes you just made.
3. Hook one end of the chain on each jump ring, then close the jump rings with the pliers.
4. Add a jump ring to the other ends of the chains. Close one, then add the lobster clasp to the other.
5. Put on your "bow tie" for your next holiday party!

I received the ribbon used for this jewelry from Ribbon Retreat. All opinions are my own.


12 Breakfast Recipes for Christmas Morning

12 Breakfast Recipes for Christmas Morning at #Christmas #recipe #breakfast

Do you have a breakfast tradition on Christmas? We usually have cinnamon rolls or french toast every Christmas morning, but we might be changing that after finding all these fun and delicious holiday-themed breakfast recipes! There are thousands of breakfast recipes out there, but today I'm sharing 12 breakfast recipes that are perfect for Christmas morning!

12 Breakfast Recipes for Christmas Morning at #Christmas #recipe #breakfast

1. Epic Cinnamon Rolls from My Kitchen Escapades
2. Santa's Elf Pancakes from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons
3. Eggnog Monkey Bread from Lemon Tree Dwelling
4. Snowman Breakfast from Hoosier Homemade
5. Candy Cane Coffee Cake from Shower of Roses
7. Gingerbread Pancakes from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons
8. Easy Breakfast Casserole from Artsy-Fartsy Mama
9. Rudolph Pancakes from I Heart Naptime
10. White Chocolate Gingerbread Crescent Rolls from Lemon Tree Dwelling
11. Christmas Tree French Toast from The Joys of Boys
12. Mini Hash Brown Crust Quiche from Pizzazzerie

What do you have for breakfast on Christmas morning?


DIY Glitter Earrings

DIY Glitter Earrings at #jewelry #earrings #glitter

I love jewelry. My husband would probably agree that I have more than I need, but feel a little more justified if I can get jewelry on sale. Even better, I enjoy making my own jewelry when I can to save even more. These DIY Glitter Earrings were so simple, and they would be a great gift idea for your jewelry-collecting, glitter-loving friends!

DIY Glitter Earrings at #jewelry #earrings #glitter

Start with a cameo pendant (these ones can be found at Wholeport) with a metallic base/blank and a resin or glass cabochon that fits over the blank. These ones measure about 18mm, so they are a perfect size for earrings or a small necklace.

DIY Glitter Earrings at #jewelry #earrings #glitter

Add a drop of Mod Podge into each blank. Then with a small paint brush or q-tip, carefully spread the Mod Podge around the inside of the blank. Try hard not to get the Mod Podge outside the tray area. if you do, just wipe the Mod Podge off with a wet tissue or cloth.

DIY Glitter Earrings at #jewelry #earrings #glitter

Pour your glitter color of choice over the pendants. The finer the glitter, the better. If you are using a larger pendant, you could get away with using a chunkier glitter. Let sit for a few minutes, then carefully pick up the pendant and tap off the excess glitter.

Tip: Work over a scrap piece of paper. That way you can easily pour the extra glitter back into the container.

DIY Glitter Earrings at #jewelry #earrings #glitter

Leave the pendants to dry for about an hour. Then, add a drop of E6000 onto the back side of the resin or glass cabochon. Place the cabochon over the glitter/in the pendant tray and apply a little pressure to spread the glue out.

DIY Glitter Earrings at #jewelry #earrings #glitter

Let the pendants dry for a few hours. If you bump the cabochon before the glue is dry, you could make the glue bubble or even pull up some of the glitter.

DIY Glitter Earrings at #jewelry #earrings #glitter

Using jewelry pliers, open the ring at the end of an earring hook (can also be found at Wholeport). Place the pendants onto the earring hook, and carefully twist closed. Repeat with any colors of glitter you love to match your wardrobe and enjoy your new, custom piece of jewelry! So easy, and they really are quick to make. That is, minus the wait time - but you could make multiple sets while you're waiting for each pair to dry.

Big thanks to Wholeport for the products used in this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


DIY Elf Kids Craft

DIY Elf Kids Craft at #kids #Christmas #elf

Need a quick kid's craft that your kids will love putting together? Try these paper DIY elves! I found this cute idea from Art with Ms. Chiddo that she did with her first grade class. So get out that construction paper, glue, and let's make some elves!

*This would also be a fun surprise for your elf to show up with if you do Elf on the Shelf at your house!

DIY Elf Kids Craft at #kids #Christmas #elf

First, print out a photo of your child and cut out the face and a little above the hairline. You could make your child have pointy ears if you really want them to look "elfish".

My daughter is still learning to use scissors, so she didn't help much with cutting shapes. She mostly chose what colors everything had to be, and what we needed to add. Cut out a hat shape, a small yellow circle (for a bell), and a brim. My daughter embellished the hat with a pen, but you could easily add on glitter, pom poms, sequins, or use markers to really decorate!

DIY Elf Kids Craft at #kids #Christmas #elf

For the body, start with a rectangle. My daughter wanted her elf to wear a dress, so I added some scallops at the bottom for ruffles. She was in charge of the glue stick, so I would cut out the pieces in the colors she asked for, and then I'd hand them to her to attach to the elf.

Use your imagination with the embellishments - you can add pockets, a belt, buttons, collar, etc. Make it yours! Keep things simple, and you'll have more fun with it. No need to get overwhelmed.

DIY Elf Kids Craft at #kids #Christmas #elf

My daughter asked that her elf have a kitten, so we added one in the pocket, and threw in a candy cane since elves can't get enough sugar!

For the arms and legs, cut a wide strip the length of the paper. Fold the strip accordion-style, then cut the strip in half to get two long, folded strips. Cut two more strips for the legs. Glue one end on each side of the body, and the other two under the body.

DIY Elf Kids Craft at #kids #Christmas #elf

Cut two mittens or hands, and glue them on the ends of the arms. I cut out some elf shoes, and glued them to the bottom of the feet, then cut two small brims (like the hat) and glue them to the top of the shoes. Add two small yellow circles for shoe bells.

Tape the elf to the wall and enjoy your little one in elf form! Would be fun to even make an elf for each member of the family!!


Artsy Corner Link Party

Welcome to Artsy Corner link party! I hope you all had a great week and are ready to link up what you've been working on! I'm always blown away by the projects and recipes shared every week and am looking forward to seeing what you've been working on!

artsy-fartsy mama

Thanks to all those who linked up last party. There were so many fun posts to look through!!
You are all awesome and so inspiring. I'm excited to see what you have to share this week.

Here are a few of my favorites from the last party:

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