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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

laptop cover

My awesome husband let me get a laptop last week, so of course I needed to make it a cover so I didn't scratch it up whenever I take it somewhere. I wanted something unique and hopefully simple enough for me to make myself. (since stores charge so much for ugly, plain ones!) Soon, I found this cover and knew it was perfect for me! I also ended up making my husband one for his laptop - with different fabric, of course.

As a warning to all of the fabulous sewers out there - I probably won't use the right vocabulary and most likely will do things the hard way, but I am kind of teaching myself so please don't judge. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's get on with my version of a tutorial for a laptop cover:

 Here's what I used:
- 1 yard cotton fabric (for outside)
- 1 yard flannel (for inside)
- Sew-On velcro
- and the obvious:
   sewing machine, scissors, pins, etc

You will have extra material, I just wanted to be safe and got more than I would need.

 Step One:
Measure all the way around the laptop. Write the number down if you'll forget.
Measure the screen height. Add this to the number you just wrote down, and add about two inches for seams. The total number will be your length.
Measure the width of the laptop and add an inch on each side for seams.
Step two:
Cut your fabric! I really need to get myself a rotary cutter... :)
Step three:
Time to make the tab! Cut a small strip of the fabrics (it can be any size you choose). I ended up cutting mine about 1 1/2"x4". It just kind of depends on how much of a tab you want to have. I also cut an extra piece of the cotton fabric because I liked the look of the fabric being the same all the way around and added the flannel in between for some padding. You can also just use the two fabrics & place the flannel on the bottom side.
Cut a piece of velcro to fit your tab. Pin it in place where you'd like it to be.
Sew it on, either on the one layer of outside fabric or with the flannel layer as well.
Put the layers together, outside fabric right sides together and flannel on the outside. Pin in place.
Sew around 3 sides of the tab, leaving the edge opposite the velcro open.
Cut the top two corners, being careful not to cut your seam.
Turn it right-side out and iron to flatten your seams.
Step four:
Put your fabrics right sides together and center your tab in between, lined up with the top edges of the fabric. I took this picture before I realized I had the tab flipped the wrong way - make sure your velcro is face down on the flannel! I had to un-pick later, so learn from my mistake :)
Pin all the way around.
Step five:
Sew all the way around the edges, leaving the side opposite the tab open.
Step six:
Turn the cover right side out and iron. Place your laptop on the cover, tab on the bottom and flannel side touching the computer. Flip the fabric up & over the screen. I somehow cut my material about 2 inches too long, so I just pinned it where I wanted the edge to be and trimmed it.
Fold the laptop down, making sure it's fitting right.
Once closed, pull the tab up and mark where the opposite piece of velcro should go.
**This can come later, but I also pinned where the cover folded over the top of the laptop screen at the same time.**
Step seven:
Fold the bottom edge under and tuck inside. I just liked doing it this way so the edges would look cleaner. Iron if needed to stop them from coming unfolded and pin in place. Sew along the edge.
This is also the time to sew your piece of velcro in place. It's okay for you to sew through both fabrics because the stitching won't show after the next step.
Step eight:
If you didn't pin the fold earlier, now is when you would do it. Pin where the fabric folds over the screen and iron to crease it and make sure it's laying straight. Also pin down both sides of the screen.
Then sew down both sides so you have a giant pocket when you're done.

You're finished! Slide the pocket over your screen, fold it down and bring the tab up to close!
The flannel protects your laptop while the tab and pocket keep it in place!

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  1. OOooohhh, I really need one of these! Love it!

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    Michele aka MikiHope

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  13. I love it! I did the same thing when my daughter told me she bought me a Nook. I went on line and got the measurements and sewed an inside cover with a crochet cover for the outside so it would always be safe.
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  18. Lovely laptop cover - and great tutorial! I think your sewing skills are fabulous! That's how I sew - working it out as I go along - and I do believe anyone can do it if they're willing to try!

    I might steal this idea and make myself a laptop cover too!:)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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