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Saturday, May 28, 2011

4 easy hair clips

Now that my daughter's hair is getting longer, I need to have more hair accessories to keep it all under control. I'm tired of trying to find hair accessories that don't break after one use for a good price. So, I decided that I could probably make something just as cute and for cheap. Why not at least try, right?

So, here are 4 tutorials for easy felt hair clips!
 What you'll need:
Felt • Glue gun • Scissors • Hair clips or pins

1. Cut one circle and 4 scalloped circles about 2 inches in diameter. They don't have to be perfect. You can make a template or freehand your shape.
2. Add a small amount of glue to the center of the circle.
3. Fold the circle in half & press into the glue so the fold holds.
4. Add another dab of glue to the bottom center of the half-circle.
5. Fold in half again, creating a cone shape. Press into the glue so it holds together.
6. Add glue to the bottom corner of one side of the cone. Place onto the circle with the point in the center.
This is what the flower will look like with the four flowers placed on the circle. You can leave this as is and fluff the "petals" up, or you can do what I ended up doing by cutting a smaller scalloped circle and placing it in the center to give it some extra fullness. Fluff the circles to get the look you want.

Attach your flower to a clip by adding glue to the bottom of your circle piece and you're done! These also make adorable clothing pins or accent on a bag.
 Simple as that!

1. Cut a strip of felt about 1 1/2 inch by 9 inches.
2. Cut a scalloped shape along one half of the entire strip. These don't have to be perfect! (see picture #3) Cut close to the edge, but be careful not to cut all the way through.
3. Roll the strip tightly, adding a little glue to the bottom edge while rolling to keep it from slipping & unrolling.
4. Turn your rosette over, fluff out the petals and you're done! The back will be flat, so it's easily attachable to anything.

This method is basically the same as the rolled rosette, except you cut strips into your felt instead of scalloping it.
1. Cut a strip of felt about 1 1/2 inch thick by 9 inches. You can adjust this measurement to make your pom poms bigger or smaller. I made these to fit with a 1 year old's piggy tails.
2. Cut strips about 1/8 inch apart along the entire length of felt, being careful not to cut all the way through the edge.
3. Roll the strip tightly, adding a little glue to the bottom edge while rolling to keep it from slipping & unrolling.
4. Turn the pom pom over and fluff it out. The back will be flat, so it's easily attachable to anything.

 Love those piggy tails!

1. Cut a strip of felt and scallop the same as the rolled rosette, except cutting closer to the edges.
2. Add a drop of glue at the bottom center of the scallop.
3. Fold scallop in half, holding it tightly for at least 15 seconds so the glue will dry a little. They will pop back open if you don't hold it long enough.
4. Once you've pleated all the petals, start to roll the strip onto itself. Instead of rolling it like the rolled rosette, try to keep this flat, putting the bottom edges together and adding glue more often while rolling to keep it from sliding & unrolling. Adjust the petals while gluing so they look like a flower. That's why you cut a little closer to the edge, it's easier to move & adjust the petals to where they look right.
5. Add some kind of embellishment (I used a floral marble) to the center of the flower.
6. Add a scrap of felt to the center part of the top clip. I left the very top as is (metal), I just didn't want the glue leaking onto the bottom part of the clip and wanted it to sit flat in the hair.
7. Cut a small square or circle and attach it to the back of the flower for stability and to make sure it stayed together.
8. Attach the flower to the top of the clip and you're done!
My little model showing off the clip in her little piggy tails. Love it!
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  1. these are so darling. i love felt!!!!! great tutorial. im gonna try some for my niece:)

  2. Now that is super cute. You make it look so easy.

    What kind of glue do u recommend?

  3. Thank you! I just used hot glue since it dries fairly quick.

  4. Lindsay, what a cute idea. I'm taking this idea to the beach with me -- Vaca in 21 days! Fun project for granddaughther and daughter -- so thanks Terri

  5. How darling~ love this idea! Thanks for linking it up at FNF :)

  6. what a super cute idea! following you from I heart nap time ;)


  7. Thanks for the rolled rose with petals tute...another addition to my flower making patterns...

  8. Lindsay once again you've done it. So adorable and creative! Wish I had your creativity! lol

  9. Super cute, I love these! Great tutorial, too!

    BTW, I am giving a quilt away on my blog if you are interested... have a great day!

  10. SO creative!! Hoping to try these out SOON ;) Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  11. Wow, these are so adorable! Looking so cute in ponytails...

  12. very cute!!!
    Happy Memorial day

  13. Hi..Just found you on TGC and OH MY WORD these are ADORABLE!! I will be making up a bunch of these TODAY (if the family cooperates!!). I have 2 girls and these will be PERFECT!

  14. so cute! i especially love the pom poms!

  15. Congrats Lindsay you WON the 40.00 gift card from Today's TaDa can you please email me at

    GREAT flower tutorial too. WINKS-jen

  16. These are adorable. I love all the varieties and colors! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

  17. Cute! Love it! Thank you so much for linking this up with {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!

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  20. These clippies are so cute! I made some for my daughter's birthday and did a post on the pom pom ones. Come & See!

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  21. I did a pom pom too but it is a bit different and more like a flower. Check my tutorial here

  22. Hi

    Can you please tell me what scissor or instrument you use to cut your felt? I have started making clips for my daughter as well and the hardest part for me is cutting the felt.


  23. My email is (see above comment about scissors)


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