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Thursday, May 26, 2011

butterfly rosette wreath

Yes, this week's project is another decoration for my daughter's bedroom. I'm so excited to show you guys!! I've seen so many stunning wreaths showing up a lot lately and wanted to make one of my own. I added my own little twist to it, and love how it turned out!!
Let's get started!!

Here's what you need:
• about 2 yards of felt
• 12 or 14 inch Styrofoam wreath
•  ribbon (I got 1 1/2" x 5 yards & needed 2 rolls!)
•  glue gun
•  disappearing ink pen
•  accessories to decorate wreath (optional)
•  3 inch circle template
First, I started by pushing a pin through the end of the ribbon to the wreath to hold it in place. Then I just wrapped it around, covering the wreath. You don't want the hot glue melting the styrofoam, so you just need to cover it.
You can use any color or style of ribbon, it won't show in the end. I thought 5 yards of ribbon would be enough, but apparently not. I recommend getting two rolls, then you end up having enough extra ribbon to use as a hanger for the back.
Using your circle template (I used the lid from my apothecary jar), trace your circles with a disappearing ink pen. I found it easier (for me, anyway) to trace a bunch of circles all at once, then cutting them out two at a time. I HIGHLY recommend using the spring scissors (shown with my rag letter tutorial) for this! Saves your hand so much work!!
After you've cut out all your circles, you can just run water over them and ta-da!! The marks are all gone. Love this pen! The felt took a long time to dry, so I ended up putting them into a pillowcase and threw it in the dryer for about 20 minutes.
And here's the pile of circles! The spring scissors are there at the bottom of the pile. I used around 300 circles for the entire wreath.
To attach the circles to the wreath, I used hot glue because that's what I had on hand. You can also use pins and just pin everything to the wreath instead.
Here's how to get your rosette:
• Take your circle and fold it half, looking like a taco.
• Fold it in half again, looking like an ice cream cone. (Can you tell I'm hungry??)
 • Cut off the bottom corner of the cone, maybe 1/8 inch. I didn't measure, but just enough that you can get glue on the bottom of all the layers.
• Add a glob of hot glue on the bottom, be careful not to burn yourself!!

Glue the rosette to the wreath, making them close enough that the ribbon isn't showing through. Once you've added a few, you can go back and fluff them up a little to get the look you want. I put mine in all different directions to get a 'rufflier' look, but you can place them however you want.
Continue making & gluing rosettes until you've covered your entire wreath. I only covered the front, top and middle since the back will be against the wall. If you end up having some circles with some ink still on the edges, you can spray them with a little bit of water and it will come right off.

**Let me please warn you again to be careful with the glue gun!!**
I burned my finger pretty good when trying to glue one of the rosettes on the middle part of the wreath. I will spare you the photo. Ouch.
After you fill your wreath with rosettes, cut a 5 inch piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Then attach it to the back of your wreath with pins or glue to form a hanger. At this point you can be done with your wreath, or you can add some accessories.

I love how this wreath looks on its own, it would be great for a year round wreath and just add different decorations for seasons! But, this is for my daughter's fairy bedroom, so I found some cute things to add that girly look.
I bought the butterflies at Hobby Lobby, one larger one and a set of about 5 smaller ones. They all have a felt circle attached to the back, so that saved me a step! Add some glue to the felt circle and then attach the butterflies to the wreath.
 I love how it turned out!! It matches her curtains perfectly, and I love how the butterflies add some girly-ness, but they also don't take too much away from the look of the wreath.
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