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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Thank your favorite teacher with a wooden Pencil Gift Card Holder!

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

It's almost time to head back to school, and you might be wondering how to show your new teacher some appreciation. Gift cards might seem like an impersonal gift, but I've asked around and gift cards are actually something they really want! To make the gift even more special, you can package the gift card in a custom wooden Pencil Gift Card Holder! This project is easy to make using the xTool M1, and I'm sharing the FREE laser cut file so that you can make a custom wooden gift card holder for your favorite teachers!

New to laser cutting? Be sure to check out how to get started with the xTool Laser Machine!

xTool M1: The Ultimate Gift-making Laser & Blade Cutting Machine

xTool M1 Laser Machine Review

There are SO many projects you can make using the xTool M1 laser cutting machine, and it's actually very easy to use! Once you have one of these, the hardest thing you'll have to do is decide what to make first. If you want to learn more about how this incredible machine works, be sure to check out my complete xTool review.

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Place your piece of wood into the xTool M1 machine, on top of the triangular prisms. When you close the lid, the image of the inside of the machine should show on your screen. If it isn't, click "Refresh" in the top right (green) section of the menu and it should show up.

Upload the Pencil Gift Card Holder laser cut file into xTool Creative Space. The gift card holder itself is three separate pieces: front, back, and center piece to be cut out of wood. Type in the teacher's name using the "Text" tool and size it to fit on the front pencil piece.

Next, select the material type from the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen. I used the pre-loaded settings for "3mm Basswood Plywood" material. Make sure that you also select "Triangular Prism" from the "Height Raised" drop-down menu. By selecting the material before you get started, it will automatically adjust the settings for cutting and engraving your project.

Select the 3 gift card holder pieces, and click on the "Cut" option in the right menu bar. As long as you set the material first, the settings will automatically adjust. Anything set to "Cut" will change to have a purple outline. 

Next, select the teacher's name and pencil details located on the front and back pieces and click on the "Engrave" option in the menu bar. These should change to an orange color once changed to this setting. If you upload the PNG design instead, it will only give you the option of engraving.

Download Pencil Gift Card Holder Laser Cut File

**Cut files are for PERSONAL USE only**

Printables and cut files from Artsy-Fartsy Mama are for personal use only. You may use these files for personal projects, but you may not sell them. If you'd like to share this project digitally, share a link to this post/website only. Do not share a direct link to the file.

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Press the large, lit button on the front of the machine to start the cutting and engraving process. It's so fun to watch the laser in action. No matter what I'm making, I am always so impressed with the how precise the xTool is for even the smallest of details.

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Once the cutting and engraving process is complete, you can remove the gift card holder pieces from the machine. Before assembling the project, I would recommend cleaning the soot away around the edges of the wood using a Magic Eraser or baby wipe to prevent making marks all over your hands.

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Lay the back piece of the gift card holder face-up on your work surface. Add some adhesive to the back of center piece and line it up with the pointed edge of the back piece. Add another thin line of adhesive to the front of the center piece, and place the front piece of the gift card holder on top. Make sure all of the edges at the point of the pencil are lined up evenly.

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Make sure all of the gift card holder pieces are lined up along the point of the pencil, and then clip them in place while the adhesive sets. Use a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove any excess adhesive that seeps out.

Once the adhesive has had enough time to dry completely, remove the clips. If the pieces are coming apart, add more adhesive and repeat the process.

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Seal both sides of the gift card holder with a thin coat of clear sealant. Not only will this make the engraving and wood grain really pop, making the gift card holder look professional, but it also allows you to add color to the project without it bleeding into the porous wood.

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Use acrylic paint pens to add color to the pencil. This is a great way for kids to help with the gift! The pens are a lot easier to use for this project than a paint brush.

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Go over the name, pencil lines, and "lead" with a thin black acrylic paint pen. This takes a steady hand, so go slowly and add multiple coats until you get the coverage you want. 

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

Choose a gift card for your teacher to spend at a favorite restaurant, shopping location, or anywhere that they can treat themselves. Slide the gift card into the end of the pencil, right below the eraser. Once the card is placed into the gift card holder, the gift is ready to give to your teacher to celebrate going back to school!

I am beyond thrilled with custom Pencil Gift Card Holder for teacher appreciation, and would love to hear what you think. If you are looking to start a small business using the xTool M1 machine, these would also be a great product to sell. As always, if you make any of these projects for yourself, I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram and Facebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest!

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Teacher Appreciation Pencil Gift Card Holder

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