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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Free Printable ASL Alphabet Match Game

Practice learning to sign with this Free Printable ASL Alphabet Match Game!

Free Printable ASL Alphabet Match Game

Happy Totally Free Printables day! This month's theme is the alphabet, and we've put together 10 FREE printables to help make learning the alphabet a lot more fun! I'm so excited to share this printable ASL (American Sign Language) Match Game as part of the collection to inspire others to learn to sign. These printables are going to give you hours of educational fun, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Free Printable ASL Alphabet Match Game

My husband is a teacher, and has a deaf student in his class this year. To make his classroom more inclusive, he has been working to learn basic sign language and encourages the other students to do the same. This ASL Alphabet Match Game is a fun way to learn to sign the letters of the alphabet.

The set includes cards with each letter of the written alphabet in both upper and lowercase letters, and a set of each sign of the ASL alphabet. In the bottom right corner of the ASL cards in the matching letter so that beginners will be able to know which letter it matches with.

ASL Memory Match Game

1-2 Players
Recommended for ages 3+

Object: Collect the most sets of matching cards

Set Up: Shuffle the cards and lay the cards face down in even rows.

How to Play
  1. Youngest player goes first. Player one turns two cards face-up.
  2. If a match is made, the player takes both cards, signs the letter and places the cards in front of them. That player then takes another turn until they don't get any more matches.
  3. If the two cards turned over do not match, the player turns the two cards over (face-down) again in the same place. The turn is over.
  4. The game continues until all cards have been matched and removed from the playing area.
  5. All players then count up their matching pairs.

How to Win: The winner is the person who has collected the most pairs of cards when the game ends.

Free Printable ASL Alphabet Match Game

Another fun way to play (and learn) with the match cards is to use them to spell words. You may need to print multiple copies of the set, depending on what words or names you want to spell. Lay the alphabet letters out to spell out the word, and then find the matching ASL letters and place them above the letters. Practice matching the signs to spell out the words using ASL.

Free Printable ASL Alphabet Match Game

To get the pattern on the back of the cards, print 9 copies of the first page of the PDF on white cardstock. Once printed, put the paper back into the printer tray and and print the alphabet cards on the opposite side of the paper. Use a paper trimmer or scissors to carefully cut out all of the cards.

Download Free Printable ASL Alphabet Match Game

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Free Printable ASL Alphabet Match Game

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