Free Printable Alphabet Match Game

My daughter has been singing the Alphabet Song for months now and recognizes most of the letters, but we need more practice with uppercase/lowercase letter recognition. A good way to practice that is with a game! I put together this match game to help make learning fun and easier for her to see the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters. As we find the matches, it has also been helpful to go over each of the letter's sounds.

Free Printable Alphabet Match Game

In case you are new to match/memory games, here are some instructions:
  1. Lay out the cards, face-down on a table or floor.
  2. Turn one card over, then turn another card over to try and make a match.
  3. If no match is made, turn both cards over and take another turn. If multiple children are playing, it is the next person's turn.
  4. If a match is made, the player gets to go again.
  5. Repeat until all the matches are found.
If your little one {or... you} have too much fun playing this Alphabet Match game like we do, I highly recommend having the cards laminated to have them last longer! I printed the cards on high quality cardstock. To get a pattern* on the back of the cards, print a design on one side of the paper {or use one-sided scrapbook paper}, and print the cards on the opposite side. When you cut, the cards will have the letters on one side, and the pattern on the back.

*The polka-dot pattern shown in the photos is not included in the download.

Free Printable Alphabet Match Game

Some things you should know before downloading:
*Artsy-Fartsy Mama printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
*You may not modify, re-sell, redistribute, or claim the design as your own.
*Please do not remove the credits and copyright.
*If you post this on the internet, credit must be given to Artsy-Fartsy Mama and linked back to my blog.

Download the Alphabet Match Game
On the top left under "File", click the "Download Original" option. A pop-up window should appear.
Make sure the "Save File" option is selected, then click OK to download.


  1. So cute! I love the purple polkadot that you chose for your set. What a great idea! Thanks!

  2. I LOVE this!! I can think of a few little ones that would love these. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.:)

  3. This is great! My little guy is starting to learn his letters so this will be perfect for him. So awesome!!

  4. I LOVE this! My little guy is into alphabet right now, he would definitely be happy!

  5. LOVE this! We're not ready just yet, but pinned for when we are!!

  6. Really nice idea!
    I think I'm going to print it soon for my 4YO daughter... she's gonna love it!!
    Tx for sharing

  7. Love the purple back side- my litle guy would totally enjoy these! Pinnes as well :)

  8. Love it, pinned it for later. Thanks!

  9. Great game! I need to print this out for my three year old. She's getting really good with capital letters, but needs some practice with the lowercase. This might be a motivating activity to try.

    I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! Stopping by from Lil Luna :)

  11. Lindsay, we've seen your quality work before, but I can't help asking again if you'd be willing to join us at Thursday weekly link-up party. We have too many readers with preschool age children that need this printable!! We are your newest FB like :)

  12. What a great freebie! Love this and I bet my tot will love it too; thanks!

  13. This would be great for my little one right now. She's having a hard time getting the lower case of some letters right now :) Thanks for linking up!

    -Missy @ So You Think You're Crafty

  14. Oh wow. I remember playing and loving this game with my mom when I was a kid and then playing it again with our three. Great idea and thanks for the download and sharing.

  15. Thank you for sharing these files, they are really appreciated


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