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Monday, November 22, 2021

Free Printable Secret Santa Kit

Make organizing Secret Santa easier than ever this year with my Free Printable Secret Santa Kit!

Free Printable Secret Santa Kit

Have you ever participated in Secret Santa? I've always loved giving gifts secretly to family and friends, so needless to say, I think it's such a fun holiday tradition. My husband has participated with co-workers, and I love to help him come up with fun gifts to share. I know that heading up the project can be a lot of work, so I decided to put a printable kit together to include everything you need, except the gifts themselves.

Free Printable Secret Santa Kit

The printable kit includes four different pages to help you organize a successful Secret Santa with your family or work family. The first paper is the sign-up sheet, which has a place to add the date that Secret Santa will be starting, and plenty of space for everyone to put their name.

Once everyone has had a chance to sign up, it's time to get the names mixed and matched up for some secret gift-giving fun! The second sheet in the kit is a masterlist, for the person(s) in charge to keep a record of the paired Secret Santa names. This is an important sheet to keep on hand to make sure everyone is paired with someone else, and to refer to in case someone forgets who they are assigned to. Make sure to keep this page in a safe place, but also out of sight so that you don't spoil the surprises!

While you are pairing names, print and cut out the Secret Santa Questionnaires to give to everyone who is participating. The questionnaire is meant to help with gift ideas that your Secret Santa can get for you. One this sheet, you list your favorite things; like favorite treats and snacks, where you like to shop or restaurants you like to eat at, and there's even a place to put things you don't like. For example, my husband is sensitive to strong candles, so that's not always a good gift idea for him.

Now that all of the names have been paired and the questionnaires have been filled out, it's time to get the party going! The last sheet in the kit has the official cards to hand out to participants. This card has a place to write in the name of who they will be Secret Santa for, dates the gifts will need to be given, and other instructions.

Secret Santa Gift

That card also includes four Secret Santa gift tags that can be placed on your gifts! All of them have a "to" space for the recipient, but there is one gift tag has a "From" space so that you can reveal your name on the final gift. Having the gift tags included on the printable card for all of the participants helps to make it one less thing to worry about. Simply cut the tags out, write in the name, and attach them to the gift!

If you're looking for some simple and creative gift ideas, be sure to check out this collection of 100+ handmade Christmas gift ideas! There is something for everyone on this list, and they would all make a unique and memorable Secret Santa gift for friends, family, or co-workers.


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Free Printable Secret Santa Kit

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