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Friday, August 13, 2021

Free Printable Weekly School Planner

Manage schoolwork and schedules a week at a time with this Free Printable Weekly School Planner!

Free Printable Weekly School Planner

School is starting back up again, which means it's time to start getting things organized! My daughter is easily overwhelmed, so I wanted to make a weekly planner to help her be able to visually keep track of assignments, homework, and regular daily tasks. This Free Printable Weekly School Planner was made with students in mind, but can actually be used by anyone!

Free Printable Weekly School Planner

The top section of the planner has a place to write the date. Below is a small calendar-style section with the days of the week. There's plenty of space to write out assignments, homework, and important due dates. I think this would be incredibly helpful to visually see your weekly plans at a glance and to take things a day at a time.

Free Printable Weekly School Planner

The bottom half of the planner is where you can list all of your tasks, important and otherwise. There's even little checkboxes (circles, really) to cross things off as you go. This will help to sort out tasks that need to be done first, and the others aren't as much as a priority.

For tasks that need to be repeated daily, there's a checklist for that, too! Write down your daily list of things to do, and check them off each day as they get done.

Last, but not least, is a blank area to take notes for next week. Or if you're like me and my daughter, sometimes you just need a place to scribble and doodle when you need to keep your hands busy while concentrating. This is the perfect area to draw to your heart's content!

Free Printable Weekly School Planner

I hope you find this weekly school planner as helpful as it is for us! We usually will make time on Sunday evenings and plan the week out. If you're easily overwhelmed by planning the whole week at a time, you could write things out the night before instead. No matter how you decide to plan, just pick a routine and stick to it.

Free Printable Weekly School Planner - Color
Free Printable Weekly School Planner - Black & White

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Free Printable Weekly School Planner

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  1. AWESOME printable planner Lindsay! Perfect for the kiddos to help the kiddos keep track. Thanks for always joining in the Team Creative Crafts FUN. Creatively, Beth

  2. I don't have school age kids at home but I love this planner layout. It applies to anyone. For your giveaway question about what was my favorite grade and why, my answer is the 5th grade. My family moved to southern Mexico for my step-father's job. The language barrier wasn't a barrier for long and I gleefully assimilated into my class. It was a wonderful experience.


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