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Monday, July 12, 2021

Cruella-Inspired Resin Earrings

Channel your inner Cruella with this fashionable pair of earrings made of resin!

Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

Have you watched the new Cruella movie yet? My daughter and I went to see it when it first came out, and had such a fun time. This project combines my two loves: resin and Disney Villains, so making Cruella-Inspired Resin Earrings was especially fun for me! These earrings are a great project for beginners, and will coordinate with any outfit. They will look simply amazing on you, darling!

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Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

To make your own Cruella-Inspired Resin Earrings, you will need these supplies:

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Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

Prepare about 1 ounce of EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy according to package directions. Be sure to protect your workspace, work in a well-ventilated area, and wear disposable gloves. Pour in equal parts of resin and hardener to the mixing cup. Slowly stir the resin mixture together with a stir stick for two minutes.

Pour the resin into a clean mixing cup. Stir the resin mixture again for another minute or two with a clean stir stick until evenly incorporated. Split the resin equally into two mixing cups. In one cup, add in a generous amount of white Diamond Dust Powder to the resin. Add some holographic glitter to the other cup. Stir the resin mixtures slowly until the powder/glitter is combined with the resin.

Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

Use your stir stick to carefully fill half the earring mold with white resin, and the other half with glittered resin to resemble Cruella's iconic hair color. I decided to make the earrings mirrored, but you could definitely make them the same if you want! Alternate adding a little bit of each resin until the mold is full.

Pop any bubbles that rise to the top using a heat gun or by blowing through a straw. You could also lightly spritz the mold with 91% alcohol to remove surface bubbles.

Leave the resin to cure in an undisturbed, well ventilated area for 24 hours. You will know that the resin is completely cured when it is no longer tacky to the touch.

Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

Carefully remove each of the earring pieces from the mold. Trim away any excess resin with scissors or a craft knife.

You will also need to gather your jewelry supplies: jump rings (I used square jump rings for extra flair), earring hooks, and jewelry pliers.

Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

First, use the jewelry pliers to turn the loop on the earring hooks 90º.  This will make it so that the earrings hang right when they're being worn! These can be kind of fragile, so work carefully.

Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

Open the jump rings/square jump rings and hook them through the holes of the resin earrings. Attach the earring hooks to the jump ring and make sure they are completely closed so that they don't come off! 

Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

I am loving these earrings SO much, and think they are so fun to wear as a Cruella fan! On the other hand, I also like that they aren't obviously Cruella, so you could easily wear them even if you aren't a fan. 

I would love to hear what you think about these resin Cruella-inspired earrings! As always, if you make any of these projects for yourself, I'd love to see your creations! Tag me on Instagram and Facebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest!

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Cruella Inspired Resin Earrings

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