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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Free Printable Clock Face for Kids

Help kids learn to tell time easier with this free printable clock face!

Free Printable Clock Face for Kids

When my daughter was working on telling time, she mastered telling time on the hour first. However, she struggled a little with figuring out the minutes. It was confusing for her to remember that each hour number also represented a different number in minutes.

She’s a visual learner, so I created a printable clock face that has the minutes next to the hour numbers to help her remember. I know she can’t be the only one who has had a hard time with this, so hopefully this printable clock face can help other little ones to understand telling time on their own.

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What you need to make your own learning clock:

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Free Printable Clock Face for Kids

Find a clock with a face that measures about 8” in diameter. The one I used is from IKEA, but it's no longer available. I recommend this basic clock or this other one from IKEA. Remove the plastic front of the clock and carefully pull off the hands of the clock and set them aside.

Don't want to use a clock? No problem! Cut the hour and minute hands included in the printable and attach with a brad to create your own time learning activity!

Free Printable Clock Face for Kids

Download the Printable Clock Face and print it out on cardstock. Cut out the clock face, just inside the border. Carefully poke a small hole through the circle in the center of the clock face with scissors. Then make the hole a little larger by pushing a pencil or a pen through it.

Free Printable Clock Face for Kids

Place the printable over the original clock face to make sure that the printable clock face fits. Make adjustments if needed. If it fits, you can leave it as-is, or you can add a little bit of spray adhesive or a few lines of tape runner to the back of the clock face to keep it in place.

Free Printable Clock Face for Kids

Put the clock hands back on and press the plastic cover back in place. Add a battery to the clock and set the time. Now the clock is ready and you can help teach your children to tell time!

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  1. Thank you so much for simply providing a clock face that didn't require me to download a bunch of nonsense and product applications just to get a clock face. So many say "free" and then take 15 min of wasted time clicking through things to get the print out. I am teaching from home and just needed something to tape on the wall to remind myself of when things happen for on line schedule.

  2. I can't find the download link on the page. Been looking for something like this clock face.

  3. Just what I need to teach to my Chinese ELL's

  4. Thanks for this! Using it for my Japanese kids.


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