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Friday, August 30, 2019

Free Printable Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication isn't so scary with these Free Printable Halloween Multiplication Worksheets!

Free Printable Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets

Math can sometimes be a spooky subject, so why not make it more fun with these Free Printable Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets? These would be a fun activity to do in the classroom (or at home) on Halloween so that the kids are still learning while having a good time! All you need is something to color with, and they'll be on their way to practicing multiplication facts in no time.

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Free Printable Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets

Think of these worksheets like those "color by number" pictures, but instead you need to solve the math problems first. The worksheets include 0-12 multiplication facts, so they are great practice for kids who are just learning multiplication! Some facts are repeated throughout the worksheet, which makes it a fun way to work on fact memorization.

*Be sure to download a Free Printable Multiplication Chart to pair with these worksheets!

Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets Color Key

At the bottom of each worksheet there is a color key with number ranges. Having the colors listed in the key will also give you a heads up on what colored pencils/markers/crayons you will need before getting started!

Coloring Free Printable Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets

Choose a square and solve the multiplication problem. Find the answer in the range that number falls in to indicate what color the square should be. Keep coloring, one square at a time, until you have filled in the mystery image!

Free Printable Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets

There are five different Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets. Each page is labeled with "Puzzle 1", etc below the color key so you know which worksheet is which. There are also solutions included in the download, just in case you get stumped on the designs.

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Free Printable Halloween Mystery Multiplication Worksheets

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  1. Printed these out for my son to work on multiplications. These are fantastic. However, we found some mistakes in some of them which made him question his skills.

    1. I'm so sorry that happened! Please send me an email with the mistakes and I will fix them ASAP.

  2. Do you have any that are a bit easier for 3rd grade?


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