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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Free Printable Football Bingo

This post has been sponsored by Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC, but all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Play Free Printable Football Bingo & enjoy colorful treats with friends at your Game Day Homegating Party!

There's nothing quite like being at a football game, but throwing a homegating party with friends can be just as much (or even more) fun in the comfort of your own home! Along with some great treats and good company, playing Free Printable Football Bingo will be an enjoyable way to cheer on your favorite teams. If you like to throw a party, but don't know much about football (like me), you might just learn a thing or two about the game as you play! I'd call that a win-win.

Play Free Printable Football Bingo and enjoy colorful treats with friends at your Game Day Homegating Party!

You can get all of your Game Day party essentials at Sam's Club. 62-ounce M&M'S® Peanut Chocolate Candy Pantry Size Bags and 54-ounce SKITTLES® Original Fruit Bite Size Candies are packaged in convenient, resealable party bags to easily store candy in your pantry, and are sure to step up the flavor and color at your Game Day parties. The candies are also the perfect size for marking bingo spaces as you watch the game! Don't forget to grab a 40oz bag of SNICKERS® Mini Bars while you’re at it to snack on while you play.

Play Free Printable Football Bingo and enjoy colorful treats with friends at your Game Day Homegating Party!

Just like my other printable bingo games, I'm sure this Football Bingo will be fun to play at your homegating party with friends. Use the calling cards included in the set to call the bingo spaces, or make the game more competitive (and educational) by marking off spaces as you see signals, penalties, and more as you watch the football game to win! When it comes to prizes, SNICKERS® Mini Bars are the perfect size AND are enjoyable when the game gets tense!

(Set includes 8 bingo cards and calling pieces in a single PDF file)

For larger groups, this Blank Bingo set makes it easy for everyone to have a custom bingo card! Print out the Blank Football Bingo Set, which comes with a blank bingo card (with the "free" space already added), 24 bingo pieces, and the labeled calling cards. Cut out the bingo pieces and glue them down wherever you want on the card until all the blank spaces are covered.

Download Free Printable Blank Football Bingo Set
(Set includes one blank bingo card, bingo pieces, and calling pieces in a single PDF file)

Game Instructions
1. Give each player a bingo card and markers (or put your own card together with the blank set).
2. Have each player put a Skittles or M&M's marker over the free space.
3. One person chooses a calling card and says it out loud. Each player will cover that item on their card with a marker. You could also mark items off as you see or hear them throughout the game.
4. Once a player has 5 squares covered in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), call out "BINGO!" and win the game!

Some things you should know before downloading:
*Artsy-Fartsy Mama printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
*You may NOT modify, re-sell, redistribute, or claim the design as your own.
*Please do not remove the credits/watermarks.
*If you'd like to share this printable, credit must be given to Artsy-Fartsy Mama & linked back to this post.

To lengthen the life of the prints, I would recommend printing the bingo cards and calling pieces on cardstock and laminating. All files are 8.5x11 inches and put together in a single PDF format.

Play Free Printable Football Bingo and enjoy colorful treats with friends at your Game Day Homegating Party!

Find a Sam’s Club store near you to get your party essentials, and use this Ibotta rebate offer to get cash back on the purchase of Mars Game Day Favorites!

What's your favorite Game Day treat?

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