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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack

Have Halloween fun at home or in the classroom with this Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack for kids!

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack

Halloween is "creeping" up on us, so I decided to put together a printable activity pack to help with planning parties at home and in the classroom that kids are going to have a lot of fun coloring, solving, and getting them in the Halloween mood. Halloween also seems to be a crazy day at school, so hopefully this can help some of you teachers out there keep the kids entertained throughout the day!

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack - Halloween Charades

First in the pack is a Halloween Charades game. Charades is a fun way for kids to practice some Halloween vocabulary words and act out different characters. Cut out the 20 Halloween word strips and fold them up. Put them in a bowl or hat. Choose a word, but don't show anyone else! Set a timer and one player silently act out clues for their team to guess the word or character. Alternate teams until all of the words have been guessed. The team with the most correct guesses wins!

To play in the classroom, you can divide the class in half and play a large game. It would also be a great 5-minute activity if you do rotations of smaller groups during a Halloween party.

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack - Halloween Crossword Puzzle

The next activity page is a Halloween Crossword Puzzle! This is a fun way for kids to learn some Halloween vocabulary and to practice handwriting. There are clues listed for 20 Halloween words to fit in the numbered squares.

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack - Halloween Scattergories

Halloween Scattergories is a really fun way to get your brain warmed up! Choose a letter of the alphabet, then do your best to answer each question. The twist is that all answers must begin with the chosen letter! For example, if the letter you chose was "B" you could answer "Basketball" for Something Orange.

To make the game more challenging, set a timer for one minute (or more) and answer as many as you can. The one with the most answers wins!

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack - Halloween Word Scramble

The Halloween Word Scramble is two puzzles in one! First, you need to unscramble the Halloween words and write them into the adjacent squares. Then, take the letters that end up in the circled spaces and unscramble those to read a Halloween message by filling in the empty spaces at the bottom.

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack - Halloween Word Search

Kids love word searches, and this Halloween Word Search is no exception! There are 30 Halloween words and characters to hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and backward in this tricky puzzle!

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack - Halloween Maze

Help the zombie find his way to the delicious (and adorable) brain in this Halloween Maze! Kids will love coloring the images as well as finding their way through the maze.

Free Printable Halloween Activity Pack

(Single PDF file includes six black & white Halloween activity pages)

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  1. This is fantastic, my kids love these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What cute activities. I will be doing them too!

  3. Thank you so much for these cute pages!!

  4. Janice Says:

    Your Halloween activities ROCK! Thank you!

  5. Hello! Thank you for providing these! Do you have the answer sheets? Particularly for the word scramble? Thank you!

  6. Is there an answer key?

  7. I believe that there is a typo WYMMU doesn't spell anything. I have told my students to put MUMMY


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