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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Custom Polka Dot Headphones

Teens will love creating their own Custom Polka Dot Headphones!

Custom Polka Dot Headphones at

Adding vinyl to accessories is such a creative way to customize your style and makes for great and unique gifts. Headphones are just one of the many things you can add vinyl to to make it your own. I found these headphones for my teenage niece's birthday is coming up and added polka dots with some vinyl from Expressions Vinyl to make a one of a kind gift!

Custom Polka Dot Headphones at

I found these cute teal headphones in the Target Dollar Spot for only $5! They come in a variety of colors, so you could really make this for everyone. They work really great, and the price really makes this project an affordable gift idea or craft idea for kids and teens.

Custom Polka Dot Headphones at

Before you get to customizing, unwrap the headphones and wipe them down with some alcohol to remove any residue. This would also be a great time to plug these in and make sure they work... because you never know!!

Custom Polka Dot Headphones at

The possibilities for customizing everything you own is endless with Expressions Vinyl huge selection of vinyls to choose from. My niece loves everything glittery, so I decided to use some white glitter vinyl to give the headphones some sparkle and to coordinate with the teal color.

You can cut the vinyl with a Cricut Explore or other machine, but since I was just making polka dots I just grabbed my 1 inch punch instead to make a bunch of circles. Easy enough, right?

Custom Polka Dot Headphones at

Then, just peel the circles off the vinyl backing and place them on the headphone bands. On some of the polka dots, I folded the vinyl over the seams to give it more of a polka dot "pattern". I also think it could be cute to cut some smaller polka dots to fill in the space, but I decided to keep it simple with larger polka dots on this project.

Custom Polka Dot Headphones at

My niece is going to love these headphones, and my daughter is begging me to help her make a pair for herself. Unless you are not great at making decisions, this project doesn't take long at all. Be sure to check out Expressions Vinyl's huge selection of vinyl patterns and colors to personalize your accessories!

What vinyl design would you put on your headphones?

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