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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DIY Baby Tees

Babies are so much fun to dress and shop for! So, needless to say, I could easily spend way too much money on my niece's wardrobe. With a little help from my Cricut Explore, I created some adorable baby tees for less than $5 each! Now that little girl will always be dressed in style, and her mom and I have a little more money to spend on baby toys instead!

DIY Little Stinker Baby Tee from

You can find tops in all different colors and patterns for $3-4 from the Garanimals line at Walmart. We chose to make 4 different tops, and this Little Stinker Tee is my favorite! I typed up the words in Design Space and added the cute skunk from the Trendy Tshirts cartridge.

I cut the design out of black glitter iron-on vinyl and attached it to the shirt. If you haven't worked with iron-on vinyl, it's really simple to use! It washes really well, which is important when it comes to baby clothes!

When cutting iron-on vinyl with your Cricut Explore, be sure to keep these tips in mind:
  • Mirror your image before cutting. The vinyl will be placed with the clear carrier sheet/"pretty side" down, so if you don't mirror your image, it will be backwards after it's cut.
  • Iron-On Vinyl can be cut using the Iron-On setting on the dial.
  • To cut Iron-On Glitter Vinyl and Stripflock Iron-On Vinyl, switch the dial to Custom and select Iron-On, Glitter from the drop-down menu.

DIY Sparkly Heart Baby Tee from

For this sweet Heart Tee, I cut out a sparkling gold heart design which is also from the Trendy Tshirts cartridge. Even with the busy heart pattern on the shirt, the gold glitter iron-on vinyl stands out and looks so cute!

Once your design has been cut, weed out the excess vinyl and place it on the shirt.
  1. Set your iron to the cotton/linen setting with the steam OFF.
  2. Lightly preheat the area with the iron for 10-15 seconds. This really does help!
  3. Place your image, liner side UP onto the area. If you don't place the liner side up, the vinyl will stick to your press cloth.
  4. Carefully lay a press cloth or dishtowel over the design.
  5. Apply medium pressure with the iron for 25-30 seconds.
  6. Flip the shirt over and apply medium pressure with the iron to the back for an additional 25-30 seconds.
  7. If you have any parts that didn't stick for some reason or if edges are flipping up, re-iron the pieces or loose edges with the iron tip for 10 seconds.
  8. Let cool and remove liner. If you try to remove the liner before it cools, you risk burning your fingers or peeling the vinyl up.

DIY Kiss Mark Baby Tee from

Next, I designed a kiss mark and uploaded it to Design Space to create a sassy and hip tee for the little fashionista to wear. She's always being smothered in kisses anyway, so this Kiss Tee is perfect for her. I cut the design out in a glittery bright pink iron-on vinyl that really pops on the black shirt.

DIY Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty Baby Tee from

This Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty Tee was just typed up in Design Space and cut out of a multicolored glitter iron-on vinyl. It has me laughing every time I see it, and I couldn't resist making a matching one for her cute mom! My niece looks absolutely adorable her newest pieces of fashion. It was fun to make these for her, and I know I'll be whipping up a whole lot more in the future.

What kind of baby tees will you create?

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