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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Shopkins Easter Basket

Shopkins are running rampant in our house. I had no idea about them until Christmastime, and then all I heard about was Shopkins. My daughter begs to watch people open Shopkins packages on YouTube, and corrects me on which characters are rare, ultra rare, and common. I must admit that they are pretty adorable, and it's been pretty fun to see my daughter get so excited about something so tiny.

Shopkins Easter Basket at

Because of my daughter's Shopkins obsession, I decided to put together a sweet Shopkins Easter Basket and thought it would be fun to share and inspire you with a gift idea for your fellow Shopkins fans!

Shopkins Easter Basket Ideas at

You can find Shopkins products pretty much anywhere you buy toys. I found all of this loot at Target and Walmart and spent about $20 total. A few of the products like the body wash/lotion/fragrance set, match game and the basket came from the Target Dollar Spot/Bullseye’s Playground, so it really helped save some money! If you can find it, you can also add in other Shopkins stuff like socks, lip gloss, stickers, t-shirts, and a whole lot more depending on how much you'd like to spend on the gift basket.

Shopkins Easter Basket at

I filled the basket with pink shredded paper for some extra color. You can find this for really cheap at Easter time! I opened up the 2 pack Shopkins containers/baskets (gasp!) and put the Shopkins characters into Easter eggs. Then arrange the rest of the products in the basket and your gift is ready. I'm really looking forward to seeing her face when she opens up this basket!!

What would you put in your Shopkins Easter basket?

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