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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easy Organizing Tricks with Elmer's Freestyle

This post is sponsored by Elmer's. All opinions are my own.

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The best part about spring cleaning is finally getting your home organized again. I often feel overwhelmed with just the thought of spring cleaning, so I'm often looking for ways to make it easier. I recently found out about Elmer’s® Freestyle™ collection, and absolutely love them! With different products like Repositionable Hooks, Repostionable Stick 'ems, and Stationery Clips, you've got all kinds of ways to solve organizational challenges. I've been able to easily organize my home, craft room, and even my daughter's bedroom without a sweat.

Elmer's Freestyle products will stick to most non-porous surfaces including stainless steel, finished woods, glass, metal, plastic, tile (does NOT typically work on dry wall). For best sticking results, clean the surfaces before use with a damp cloth to make sure that it is clean of dirt and dust. Freestyle uses no glue, so there’s no sticky residue. You can reposition Freestyle organizers over and over on multiple surfaces with no damage left behind, so they're great for general home use (kitchen, bathroom, closets, laundry room), offices, lockers, dorms, and classroom use, too!

Easy Tricks to Organize Your Home at

The Elmer’s® Freestyle™ Repositionable Stick ‘em Squares are some of my favorites. I'm a list maker, so I've got scraps of paper and post-its all over the house creating clutter. The 4x4" Repostionable Stick 'ems come in a bunch of different patterned borders to bring a little design and creativity to your space. They also come with a dry erase marker that sticks on a little magnet so you can make notes as you need to. They are easy to put on and remove, and don't leave a sticky residue behind or damage your walls or doors.

I stuck a Repostionable Stick 'em on the inside of my craft room cupboard so I can keep track of what supplies I need to get next time I go shopping. Craft rooms and spaces can get cluttered quickly, and something as simple as a memo board inside my cupboard has really helped.

I also stuck a Repostionable Stick 'em on the door going out to our garage. That's the door we use most often, so writing things down we need to remember (like my husband not forgetting his lunch) so that you can see it right before you head out. I also write important reminders like activities we have going on.

Easy Tricks to Organize Your Home at

The Elmer’s® Freestyle™ Repositionable Stick ‘em Circles are much smaller at 2.5", but work the same as the 4x4" Stick 'ems and also come with a dry erase marker. I like to use these on my craft room drawers to has a designated space for my craft supplies and to help keep me organized.

The Repositionable Stick 'em Circles also work great in kid's rooms! My daughter is folding and putting away her own laundry now, so I put some on the front of her dresser drawers so she can remember where the clothes need to go.

Easy Tricks to Organize Your Home at

My daughter is also drawing and painting non-stop lately. It's fantastic, but we have ended up with piles of pictures that are cluttering things up quickly. Our fridge is already full of pictures, so putting up a few of the Elmer’s® Freestyle™ Stationery Clips in her bedroom and in my office have given her a place to easily display her favorites (like this drawing of her Unicorn Valentine's Box). The clips would also be great to hang bills, important papers, and reminders.

Easy Tricks to Organize Your Home at

Last, but not least, the Elmer’s® Freestyle™ Repositionable Hooks have unlimited uses and come in a variety of colors (including clear) to match any decor!! The hooks can hold up to 10 lbs, so there are lots of things you can hang up! Our dog leash has been hanging (and falling off) a door knob for the past few months, and I was tired of the dog getting it and ripping it apart. So, I used the Classic Hook to hang the leash next to the door, but high enough that the dog can't get it anymore.

My daughter has loved having a jewelry stand to organize her ever-growing jewelry collection, but we've noticed a few of her necklaces getting tangled up. So, I stuck an accent hook next to her jewelry stand so she can now hang her necklaces and also put them on display.

Hopefully these little tricks can help you get a jump-start on your spring cleaning and organizing. You can purchase the Elmer’s® Freestyle™ products at JoAnn’s, Meijer, and Kmart. I'd love to hear how you would use the collection in your home!

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  1. I love the bright colors.

  2. What?! I didn't even know Elmer's made anything other than glue! Can't wait to get some and start organizing!

  3. I have never seen these before, but I love that they have a little bit of design element to them. And very cute artwork!

  4. These are so adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I had no idea these even existed. I'm going to have to pick some up the next time I go shopping. I'd use them in my craft room and for my youngest son to use to organize his craft supplies.

  6. I love the idea you had for drawer organization! Those are really neat!


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