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Monday, March 30, 2015

Faux Chocolate Easter Bunny

Faux Chocolate Easter Bunnies at

Chocolate bunnies are a must-have at Easter time. I think they are absolutely adorable and of course, usually taste amazing. I wanted to add a cute chocolate Easter rabbit to my Easter & spring decor, but I didn't want to deal with the chocolate breaking and/or melting while on the shelf or in storage. Instead of dealing with the "what if", I decided to create my own faux chocolate bunnies that look just like the real thing and will hopefully be on the shelf during the Easter season for years to come!!

Faux Chocolate Easter Bunny at

To make your own faux chocolate Easter bunnies, you only need TWO things: a rabbit figurine and some brown satin spray paint!! I found this rabbit at the thrift store and paid a whopping 75¢!! The rabbit in the top photo with the candies in the basket was from Walmart for less than $2!!

My best tip for choosing a rabbit figurine is to choose one with small or more realistic-sized eyes. I can't stress this enough!! I found another rabbit that looked adorable with big, cutesy eyes, but once it was painted - it was the scariest thing I have ever created. I'm not even going to post a picture. Just trust me that it was terrifying.

Prep the rabbit by wiping it down with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove dust and dirt. If your rabbit has a glossy coat, you can lightly sand it with fine sandpaper to help the spray paint stick better to the figurine.

Faux Chocolate Easter Bunny at

Of all the spray paints I've tried, Rust-Oleum worked best for me. Find a shade that looks most like chocolate to you, and be sure to get satin finish. The satin gives the best chocolate effect.

To transform the rabbit from figurine to faux chocolate, spray a light coat of paint over the entire rabbit. Let it dry completely, and keep adding coats until it's completely covered. Mine needed about 4 coats. I sprayed it with the rabbit standing up on a piece of scrap cardboard, then did a few coats with it lying down to get the underside of the hands, chin, etc covered.

Once the rabbit is dry, you can put it on display with your other Easter decor, or put it on your Easter dinner table as a centerpiece!! Bunnies don't have to be the only thing looking like chocolate. Other Easter decor like eggs, chicks, and baskets also look cute when chocolate-tized!

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  1. Totally adorable! I will be looking for non-scary bunnies at the after Easter sales!

  2. Those are adorable & will make the best conversation pieces! Sharing. Lots of love, Princess Mousey/Lisa

  3. Oh my Lindsay -- this is totally aDORable!!!!

  4. The terrifying bunny story had me laughing so hard! I love this project! I need to do one just like it for my little'll be perfect!

  5. So cute, what is the name of the Rust Oleum color?


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