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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paper Flower Wreath

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Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial at

Handmade gifts are the best. I love giving them and, of course, receiving them. This paper flower wreath is something you can make for a friend, sister, or even your mom. You can also make it for yourself (because you deserve to treat yourself, too)!! Since there are few supplies needed to make the wreath, it will also cost you a whole lot less than purchasing it already made. It's also simple to customize because of paper colors and flower shapes, so every wreath is unique!!

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial at

To make this wreath, you'll need:
FloraCraft® Make It: Fun Foam Wreath 12"
White Ribbon: 1.5" wide, at least 8 yards
Cricut Explore (or hand cut with scissors)
Glue Gun

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial at

Foam wreaths can get pretty messy, so I like to wrap the wreath form with ribbon to help keep the foam flakes from getting everywhere. Start by pinning or adding some hot glue to the end of the ribbon and attach it to the wreath. Then, carefully wrap the ribbon around the wreath, overlapping the ribbon a little until the entire form is covered. If you run out of ribbon, don't worry - just glue or pin the end in place, then start a new roll where you left off!

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial at

I bought packages of textured cardstock and chose seven different colors to work with. Using my Cricut Explore, I cut out four different flower patterns in multiple sizes and ended up with around 75 flowers when I was done.

If you don't have a Cricut, you could easily cut these by hand. Cut a spiral, then add a scalloped, fringed, or triangle edges to get different flower designs. Sure, it might take a little longer and is a little more work, but your wreath would still look amazing.

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial at

Assembling the flowers is fairly simple, but a little time consuming:
  1. Start rolling the end of the flower. Add drops of glue as needed if you keep dropping the flower or if it slips and keeps coming undone.
  2. Once you get to the end, there's a small circle. Bend it out and add a drop of hot glue, then fold it over the spiraled paper. Be careful not to burn yourself!
    *Other glues will work fine, but I've found that hot glue dries quicker and will hold everything in place more effectively.
  3. Turn your flower over, and spread the petals out and make your flower look more like, well, a flower.

Learn to make paper flowers with your Cricut Explore at

Repeat the flower making process until all your flowers are assembled! Toss them all into a pile and get yourself some chocolate. You deserve it!

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial at

Arrange the flowers on your wreath to get an idea of where things will fit and to see if you need to cut any more flowers to fill in any empty spots. Once everything is where you want it, heat up your glue gun and glue them in place.

You don't have to arrange them if you don't want to - you can also just glue as you go! The result will be fantastic either way.

Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial at

Now your wreath is ready for gift giving, or hanging up on display. I wouldn't recommend hanging the wreath outside or somewhere that will have direct sunlight since it is paper and can fade or be ruined if it gets wet.

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  1. This is beautiful, Lindsay. Once I made it, there would be no giving it away! Thank you.

  2. Your wreath is beautiful, Lindsay! I entered your giveaway and I so hope I fingers are crossed!


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