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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Geometric Earrings

DIY Geometric Earrings at #paper #diyjewelry #ExploreCricut

I'm always looking for more statement jewelry, and I'm really loving the geometric trend happening right now. Most geometric jewelry that I've found is either not in my budget, or just isn't the pattern I want. So, I decided to make my own for less than $5 a pair with my handy Cricut Explore machine!! 

DIY Geometric Earrings at #paper #diyjewelry #ExploreCricut

To make these DIY Geometric Earrings, you'll need:

  • Cricut Explore
  • Geometric Earring Pattern
  • Colored Cardstock
  • Elmer's CraftBond Fine Line Glue Pen
  • Earring Hooks
  • Jewelry Pliers

DIY Geometric Earrings at #paper #diyjewelry #ExploreCricut

The thing with any geometric pattern is that the lines need to be perfectly even. I uploaded my geometric design into Cricut Design Space so I could cut multiple shapes and have them be exactly the same. The machine cut out all the shapes I needed in about a minute, and all I had to do was switch the dial and press the "Go" button.

It would have taken a lot longer and used up most of my patience if I were to try to cut them by hand (which is totally doable, by the way).

DIY Geometric Earrings at #paper #diyjewelry #ExploreCricut

First, let me just point out how perfect the top hole of the earring was cut out. That tiny hole is about 1.789 mm big, and the Cricut cut it like it was no big deal!! Blows my mind every time.

Using the Cricut tools, I weeded out the design and carefully lifted each earring piece using the spatula tool.

DIY Geometric Earrings at #paper #diyjewelry #ExploreCricut

One piece of cardstock was a bit flimsy to use as an earring. So, using the Elmer's CraftBond® Fine Line Glue Pen, I carefully glued 4 pieces together. Since each design is cut exactly the same, they should line right up without a problem.

DIY Geometric Earrings at #paper #diyjewelry #ExploreCricut

The glue dries pretty fast, but give the earrings a little bit of time to dry. You don't want any of the papers to shift or tear. You can tell almost immediately that they are more stable than the single pieces and lie completely flat. I also love how the white along the edges makes the design pop.

At this point, you can spray some acid-free spray paint over the earrings to protect them and keep them lasting longer.

DIY Geometric Earrings at #paper #diyjewelry #ExploreCricut

Open the loop of the earring hook with some jewelry pliers and hook the earring on. My cardstock was textured, so you can tell a front side and back side. Make sure the front is facing the right way before you close the loop on your earring hooks.

DIY Geometric Earrings at #paper #diyjewelry #ExploreCricut

Now your earrings are ready to wear or to give to your BFF (or both - you could cut hundreds of these things in no time!). They add a fun pop of color to any outfit!!

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  1. I have made several pairs of earrings with paper and I am always so surprised that they hold up as well as they do and don't look like they are made from paper at all!

  2. These machines are awesome...and I love those earrings...hint hint :)

  3. Okay, these are gorgeous, Lindsay! I love them!


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