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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Jingle Sign

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. My color scheme I decorate with is not your traditional colors. I love using pinks, greens, purples, blues, and silvers. And lots of glitter (surprise, surprise, right?). I just love the way everything sparkles in the soft Christmas tree lights and it all looks so magical!

DIY Jingle Sign at #Christmas

I needed a little more wall art for my Christmas decor, so I painted over an old sign I made years ago into something I'm just in love with!! The original sign was a dark barn red, and the vinyl on it was horrid. So, I peeled off the old vinyl and gave the board a good sanding.

DIY Jingle Sign at #Christmas

Next, I painted 3-4 coats of Americana acrylic paint in . I let it dry in between each coat and gave it a light sanding to take out brush strokes. Next, I mixed up a little Mod Podge and purple glitter, and painted a coat on the board. Once dry, it has a nice coat of glitter that is NOT coming off anytime soon and the board was smooth.

Now the board is ready for some silver Silhouette Premium Vinyl! I love the shimmer it has to it without being too overwhelming, and it just looks so fabulous!!

DIY Jingle Sign at #Christmas

Since my board was longer than the 12" cutting mat, I decided to try cutting vinyl without the mat for the first time. I'm proud to say that it worked great! There are settings in the Silhouette Studio that make it easy to cut without a mat without any problems.

DIY Jingle Sign at #Christmas

It was honestly kind of scary at first as I imagined everything that could go wrong, but it really came out fine. "Weed" out the vinyl and peel off excess vinyl. Once it's all ready to go, add your transfer tape and apply the vinyl to the board.

DIY Jingle Sign at #Christmas

Just to make sure the vinyl wouldn't come off when the sign gets put in storage, I gave it a couple of coats of a polyurethane spray paint. Now it looks wonderful and I am getting anxious to get my Christmas decorations put up!

I was given the vinyl used in this post from Silhouette America. All opinions are my own.

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