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Monday, October 14, 2013

Spider Web Wreath

My husband probably doesn't agree, but I think you can ever have have enough wreaths. My favorite kinds to make are the wreaths that just an hour or two - which might be why my collection is growing. This spider web wreath was pretty simple to make, and it took just an evening to put together. I also spent less than $10 on the whole project!

Easy Spider Web Wreath at #wreath #Halloween #spider

10" styrofoam wreath form
Yarn Bee brand Twinkle Gilt Eyelash yarn
black embroidery thread
3 plastic spiders

Wrap the yarn around the wreath. You can either add a drop of glue, pin, or just hold the beginning end of the yarn to start. This part takes the longest, but it's worth it when you're done! The yarn will most likely tangle, so keep a Diet Coke nearby to keep you from getting too frustrated.

Once your wreath form is all covered, it's time to work on the spider web. Stick six to eight pins into the back of the wreath form, spreading out evenly. Tie a small loop in the end of the embroidery thread and loop it over one of the pin heads. Pull the thread straight down to make the first line. Move to the next pin over, loop and pull it straight across. Repeat until you have a star formed in the center of your wreath.

To start making the star look more like a web, you'll need to form a spiral around the "arms" of the star. You can cut the thread and tie a knot, or keep working with the same thread you've been working with. Loop the thread around the outer edge of one of the arms, and move to the next arm. You don't need to tie any knots. A loop will hold just fine and it's much easier! Keep looping around each arm until you get to the center. Tie a knot in the center and cut the edges short. I covered my knot with the spider to hide it better.

Tip: Sometimes the loops can slip, or the thread stretches a little. So it helps a lot to have a second pair of hand to help hold the strings tight while you loop them around to make the web.

Add a couple of plastic spiders to the wreath, hang it up, and you're done! A little extra spookiness to add to your Halloween decor!

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  1. This is really sweet. I actually don't have any wreaths because I'm scared once I start, I won't stop.

  2. For someone that hates spiders, I think this is super awesome! I had no idea they made yarn that looks so glittery! Thanks for sharing and I've pinned it!

  3. Oh this is so fun - I have a wreath and some spiders and love the idea of making a web in the middle, I will have to do something like this!

  4. Oh my gosh this is so cute! You are so creative. I LOVE the web in the middle!

  5. Love the simplicity of this wreath!

  6. This is sooo cool! I love how unique and festive it is

  7. Love this - so cute! Thanks for linking it up to my linky party!


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