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Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY Laundry Room Art

This laundry room art was so easy and I love how it turned out! It also cost me nothing. NOTHING!! I already had supplies on hand, but if you needed to buy everything, it would be less than $10 {maybe even $5!} Plus, this will give me a reminder of what needs to be done with the mountain of clothes sitting on the floor... doesn't mean it will get done, but at least I will remember what I'm supposed to do with it!!

What I used to make this Laundry Room Art:
8"x24" board {I used a scrap piece of plywood from my Toy Box Makeover}
Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint {in glossy Blue Ocean Breeze}
White Vinyl {from My Vinyl Direct}

and that's it!

Give the board a few good coats of spray paint, making sure to let dry between coats.
{BIG thanks to an old diaper box and the hubs for the help!}

Sand the edges if you want a more distressed look.

Next, I drew out the laundry symbols {wash, dry, and iron} on the computer and cut the vinyl with the Silhouette. If you don't have a Silhouette or other vinyl cutter, you could easily cut these symbols out using an Xacto knife.

After the paint was completely dry {I gave it a day or two}, I placed the vinyl on the board.
Then add a hanger attachment to the back and give that laundry room some cuteness!
Told you it was easy!

Make sure to come back soon, I might have a way for you to get some FREE vinyl!! {wink, wink}

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**Disclosure: I received the vinyl to review from My Vinyl Direct. All opinions are my own.**

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  1. Lindsay I love this!! It's so fun!

  2. I love this laundry sign! It reminds me of those vintage looking symbols on care labels on clothing! Very cool. Looking forward to hearing more about this free vinyl!

  3. We're in the process of moving/redoing all of our furniture in between houses and have been searching for the perfect blue... this is it!! Thanks!!

  4. It turned out so cute Artsy Fartsy Mama! We love it and shared on our pinterest board and facebook page!

  5. Linds, so dang cute. Maybe with these, I wouldn't mind doing laundry...who am I kidding. Yes I still would. But at least these would brighten my mood!

  6. I would use the vinyl for decorating my family command center..

  7. It's very cute! Great idea.... :-)

  8. Love the sign Lindsay!! Very original than the standard ''Laundry''

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  9. CONGRATS!!! You have been featured at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Come on over and grab your featured button! You deserve it :)

  10. Well, isn't this just awesome! I love how simple and fun it is. Great idea.


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