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Friday, May 3, 2024

"Brownie Points" Potholder Gift Idea

"Brownie Points" Potholders are a simple and sweet gift idea for your favorite teachers!

As the end of the school year is approaching, I'm always looking for easy and fun ways to thank teachers. This year, I used my Ikonart kit to create this "Brownie Points" Potholder gift for both my daughter's teachers and my husband's coworkers. This is a great gift idea, especially if you are a little tight on money but want to do something special. I found the blank potholders at Dollar Tree, and I'm so excited with how they turned out with the custom design on the front. I'm also sharing the FREE "Brownie Points" design so that you can make some stenciled potholders for yourself and your favorite teachers!

New to making reusable stencils? Here's how to Get Started with Ikonart!

Brownie Points Potholder Gift Idea

To make your own "Brownie Points" Potholders, you will need these supplies:

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Brownie Points Potholder Gift Idea

To make a stencil, you need to start with a printed design. Download the "Brownie Points" Design (for personal use only) and make sure to print the design as dark as possible on either inkjet or laser Ikonart Printer Film.

The next step in the process is to expose the stencil film. I used the blue Ikonart Stencil Film, but I would recommend using the purple Ikonart Textile Film instead if you plan on making multiple potholders. The purple film works just like the blue film, but it's stickier and a little more stiff, which makes it perfect for using on fabric and other textured or difficult surfaces.

Set up the exposure stand with UV LED Light by following the directions included in the kit. The Textile Film is light sensitive, so be careful to keep it out of sunlight and bright lights before exposure. Cut a piece of the film the same size as the design print.

Lay the piece of film down on the base of the stand with the textured side facing UP. Place the printed design on top of the stencil film, making sure it's right-side up. This means that if there are words in your design, you should be able to read them.

Lastly, place the clear exposure sheet (found in the stencil film pack) on top and press it down well to seal the design tight against the stencil film. Turn the exposure light on and expose the film for 30-35 seconds.

Brownie Points Potholder Gift Idea

The final step in the stencil-making process is to washout, or rinse, the stencil. Clip the exposed stencil film to the Ikonart clipboard with the shiny side (carrier sheet) touching the clipboard. Use the kitchen sink sprayer to rinse the stencil film with warm water until the design shows through and becomes completely clear. The washout process shouldn't take more than 3 minutes.

Gently blot excess water off the the stencil, and hang or lay flat to dry for about 45 minutes. When the stencil is dry, you shouldn't see any water spots or discoloration. Once completely dried, place the it back on the exposure stand and expose it again for at least 2 minutes without the clear cover sheet on top. This extra exposure time will increase the durability of the stencil so you can get as much use out of it as possible.

Use a permanent marker and write "back" on the carrier sheet (shiny side) on the back of the stencil. This helps later when you put the carrier sheet and the stencil back together when you are done using it.

Brownie Points Potholder Gift Idea

Center the stencil on the front of the potholder pocket. Press it down well against the fabric, making sure that it's completely flat and that there aren't any air bubbles trapped underneath.

Cover the stencil with white fabric paint, starting with a line of paint along one edge of the stencil. Lightly drag the paint across using a clean squeegee until the entire stencil is covered.

Brownie Points Potholder Gift Idea

Start at one corner and peel the stencil up. Check for full coverage as you go, and lay it back down if you need to go over any areas again.

Let the fabric paint dry for at least 24 hours, and then heat-set the paint using an iron or EasyPress. The potholder is completely washable (air dry though), and the design won't peel or wrinkle like HTV.

Brownie Points Potholder Gift Idea

Now that the potholder is complete with the custom design, you can assemble the gift! Slide a bagged brownie mix into the pocket as well as any other goodies you want to add (gift cards, etc). I also paired the potholder with a wood handled spatula.

I love that Ikonart makes it so easy for me to make my creative ideas come to life! I know teachers are going to really enjoy these "Brownie Points" Potholders, and I'd love to hear what you think. If you've made your own stenciled projects, I would love to see your creations! Share them on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest! #AFMCrafts

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"Brownie Points" Potholder Gift Idea

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